Genuine gold nugget pendant – special and unique, shaped by nature. More valuable than diamonds.

With today’s sun protection properties. Licensed original with signature.

Pocket sized mobile power generator. With additional LED light, bright as daylight.

Enchanting swallows tell the time. Image of lifelike flight movements.

German precision technology plus Italian Design. Maximum comfort – for hours.

It’s the world’s first power-folding stroller. At the touch of a button, it folds itself.

As delicate as paper but made from strong powder-coated steel.

The ”pencil“ for life. It never needs to be sharpened and won’t wear down.

Make your floral arrangement look like a real piece of art.

Glass jar with tightly closing stainless steel lid keeps biscuits fresh - and protected thanks to the bell.

A fun organiser. On your desk, dining table, in your bathroom.

Mood light, night light and pocket torch all in one.

Wall sculpture? Decoration? The toilet paper holder with an amazing number of talents.

Elegant tote by Oconi made from the finest calfskin leather. Suitable for men and women. At a wonderfully affordable price.

Each ceramic object is lovingly hand-painted and glazed.

Hand painted in bright colourful pop art style. Each one is unique yet affordable.

Alessi’s Coat Rack: A purposely minimalist design with a big capacity.

Filing instead of stacking enables easy access and keeps your paperwork tidy

A snap of the fingers – and time, date, temperature appear like magic.

This elegant stainless steel tower turns into the perfect professional bar set.

Sleek and elegant - the stainless steel clamping strip for photographs, sketches, notes, etc.

Relaxing oasis, shelter from wind & weather. Movable conservatory, greenhouse, winter quarters for plants.

For your front trouser pocket. Clever shape. Bison leather. With RFID blocker.

Stylish organiser for the office, kitchen, hallway, etc.

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