Enchanting swallows tell the time.

With 12 different wing positions they mark the hour and 5 minute intervals. A charming eye-catcher on any wall.

This extraordinary clock features a white flock of circling swallows instead of conventional figures. In Asian culture these birds symbolise happiness and success and these elegant acrobats of the sky spread an almost meditative calmness, yet they make time fly.
Image of lifelike flight movements.
In 12 snapshots the clock shows characteristic movements of the swallow: From the full span at midnight, then the downturn to the gliding flight at 6 o’clock - followed by the upswing to the full span until it’s 12 o’clock... Time and time again.
Each swallow has been sculpted by hand.
The streamlined bodies, the fine feathers and the elegant posture all come to life with a three-dimensional effect. Whether you hang the clock on a toning white wall or on a contrast coloured background, it makes a beautiful addition to your home or office.
Detailed installation instructions and template included.
Fully assembled, the clock has a diameter of 60cm (23.6") - or even larger if you so choose. Maximum depth 12cm (4.7"). 10cm (3.9") diameter case with quartz movement and black plastic hands. Works with 1 AAA battery (sold separately). Swallows made from white synthetic resin, each approx. 7cm (2.8") long. From haoshi Design, Taiwan.

Thanks to the shadows of the sculptures the swallows look even more real and lively.




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