America’s unbeatable air circulator – powerful, quiet and comfortable.

The new Vornado® 6303DC: Now with 99 (!) speed levels, timer and remote control. In black – exclusive to Pro-Idee.

Pleasant heat distribution throughout the room without cold and warm zones. And a pleasant breeze instead of an annoying draught: These are the unique advantages that distinguish Vornado® from other fans.
Enormous airflow of up to 746m³/h.
The airflow from the approx. 28cm (11.0") diameter power package reaches up to 26 metres (85ft). This is even strong enough for high-ceilinged and spacious rooms, such as an open plan living/dining room, staircase, offices, or business premises.
Works completely differently from conventional fans.
The Vornado® produces a powerful airflow like a turbine. It is deflected against the ceiling or walls (but not against people). This creates a climate resembling a pleasant sea breeze in the entire room. The air is in constant motion everywhere, which is extremely pleasant. At the same time, unpleasant draughts are eliminated.
Ventilate faster, more economically, more effectively.
The special rotor is driven by a powerful but smooth DC motor. The air is sucked in at the back and blown to the front in a concentrated vortex by the patented, spiral-shaped fans. The power package only consumes between 30-54W (a fraction of the energy of conventional devices).
Even quieter than some computer fans.
You can control the airflow via 99 speed levels (381-1,597rpm) simply with the remote control (or by pressing a button on the device): From gentle fanning to a powerful airflow, but always surprisingly quiet (30-59 dB). An integrated timer automatically switches off the device after 1-12 hours as desired.
In chic black – a real eye-catcher in your home.

  • Break-proof polystyrene housing
  • Easy to clean thanks to the removable protective grille
  • Measures approx. 37 x 31 x 21cm (14.6" x 12.2" x 8.3") (H x W x D)
  • weighs approx. 2.6kg (5.7 lbs)
  • 180cm (5.9ft) cable for 230V/54W
  • In addition to our long-term guarantee, the manufacturer also gives a 10-year guarantee

Developed by aircraft designers.
In 1988 the industrial and aircraft designer Richard Ten Eyck, who also worked for major American aircraft manufacturers, developed the distinctive design of the “Vornado”. Some of his work is on display in a collection at the Art Institute of Chicago.

Ensures a pleasant indoor climate all year round.
Most fans are useless for most part of the year. Vornado®, however, ensures a pleasant indoor climate all year round. In summer it provides a fresh breeze. In winter, it ensures optimal ventilation and an even heat distribution in the room, because warm air, which gets “trapped” immovably below the ceiling, is circulated by the strong airflow. This saves heating costs and improves the indoor climate. In the USA, Vornado® is also often used to better distribute the cool air from an air conditioning system.

The turbine housing can be swivelled manually through 90°. This is how the air is moved throughout the room.




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