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These seed bombs will transform barren spaces into flower-filled meadows in 4 to 8 weeks.

e. g. Poppies (3 x 8 Balls)

A safe nesting place for useful pollinators. Made of weatherproof Granicium® ceramic.


Magical sea of lights - table with a ring of LED lights and an infinity mirror.


Clean garden crevices in record time. With one movement, without bending and without scratch marks on the tiles.


Better visibility for added safety: The Geox illuminated jacket with LED light strands.


Better visibility for added safety: The Geox illuminated jacket with LED light strands.


Fresh and clean water for your dog anywhere.


Nesting aid for endangered beneficial insects. Handmade in Germany.


With 3 speeds and LED lights. And up to 8 hours of battery time for hot summer days.


1 training weight, 3 grip positions and 3 levels of difficulty.

e. g. 2.4kg (5.3 lbs), one pair

Ingeniously flexible adjustable solar lamp for better safety.


It stays put perfectly! Perfect for many fitness machines.


For hanging and displaying. With large water reservoir. Made from sturdy, weatherproof plastic.


Grab up to 9 clothes hangars at once - easily with just one hand.


Healthy sitting can be this stylish.


Ultra-light. Absolutely waterproof. Extremely breathable. Ideal for mountain sports, running, cycling, ...


Open all around for unrestricted flying in and out. Made of Granicium®.


Much younger, slimmer and more elegant.


Comfortable raised form: The raised bed triples the usable area. High-quality construction, made in Germany.


Stylish alarm clock and dimmable night or mood lighting all in one.


These lanterns are a beautiful highlight that embellish your garden all year round.

Starting at £129.95

Dust-free in no time. No strenuous stooping. No twisting or contorting. No ladder required.


Premium suitcase trolley and a perfectly organized travel wardrobe.


Lightweight and squeezable like a plastic bottle. Hygienic and durable like a metal bottle.


Brilliant plant pencils with herb and flower seeds.

Price per 100g £39.80

An enchanting eye-catcher on your sideboard, desk or shelf. From CoolSnowGlobes®, Vermont/USA.

e. g. Thinker

Perfect to combat tobacco smoke, kitchen odours, plastic fumes, etc.


Premium glassblowing artistry for your Easter decor. Each piece is unique.


Far more flexible and hygienic than conventional toilet brushes.


Jewel of the Baltic Sea. Selected, natural ingredients cleanse, nurture and refresh the skin.

Price per 100g £8.32

Folded open and closed again using a single movement - to a flat 5cm (2″).


Once just for children, now for adults in teak and leather - Denmark’s legendary elephant mobile.


Just pull it on: With an enchanting butterfly or dragon motif – warm and cuddly.


Lavish splendour of everlasting beauty in the most beautiful combination of colours of soft yellow and pink.


Elaborately crafted double-layered knit, with a subtle humorous touch.


Highly efficient solar light. Small art object. And a meaningful social project.


Shoes as clean as if they were cleaned by hand every day. In seconds. At an affordable price.


Dry sheet-infuser that makes them wonderfully soft again. By Wonderstripes.


Unbreakable, flexible, reusable.


Who knows more about sitting properly than the woman who made thousands of bespoke seating solutions for people with disabilities.


Portable digital radio from TechniSat with rechargeable battery pack and Bluetooth streaming. German quality.


Precious, unique pieces of earth’s history, daintily set in 925 silver.


Patented, self-inflating design for optimal seating comfort. Anywhere.


Only those who know the code can unlock the chamber.


Wonderful design, technology and function. Typical Pininfarina.


Stylish. Adjustable. Space-saving.


The blanket with over 100 years of history and traditional pattern from Lesotho.