Healthy sitting position while also training your back.


Ultrafine. Ultralight. Ultra strong.


Natural evaporation ensures a cool head.


The most comfortable Bluetooth headphones for jogging, walking, yoga.


Outdoor badminton training finally with a net at tournament height.


Eliminates stubborn odours from all washable textiles.


Professional boxing and fitness equipment – for use at home or on the go.


Ingenious: The climate-control sock with built-in blister protection.


Unscrew. Fill. Enjoy.


Probably your most elegant and versatile fitness device.


Avoid uncomfortable thigh chafing.

e. g. Unisex

A fitness innovation. For an effective full-body workout based on the chaos principle.

e. g. SLASHPIPE® Mini

Take your shoes on and off without having to tie your laces. Successfully tested by professional athletes.

e. g. ”Sport“ (3mm thick, 75cm long)

Fit and attractive, thanks to correct posture – without even thinking about it.

e. g. Size S (waist 50-91cm)

The latest in sunglass technology: Safer, more comfortable, lighter.

e. g. Men

As healthy and relaxing as walking barefoot. As comfortable and warm as a sock.

e. g. Barefoot leguano®-Ballerina Flats