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The legendary racing engine as a 1:3 scale model with moving parts. Self-build in about 5 hours.


Healthy and relaxing like walking barefoot. Handmade in Germany.


Probably the smallest underwater scooter in the world. Perfect for a holiday.


Ready to grill in one minute. Without open flames. Without charcoal.


Waterproof. Powerful sound. Wireless. The Bluetooth speaker for every day, leisure and outdoors.


Daily pleasure: It will bring you closer to your dream car in 24 steps.


Your folding seat for festivals, race week, picnics, fishing, leisurely visit to a lake, etc.


With storage compartment and cushioned interior. Great fun on the go.


The better yoga mat for you – and for our environment.


Ideal for cycling, jogging, hiking, going for a walk, on the way to school, etc. in the dark.


The swim shorts that never stick to the body. And are never too loud.


Berghaus Hyper 100: The first 3-layer outdoor jacket weighing under 100g (3.5 oz).


Elegant eye-catcher. Comfortable additional seat. And 15 litres of hidden storage space.


A traditional campfire – in modern, Danish design. Safe, beautiful and stable.


The beech wood racer with real cork tyres. Made in Germany.


Ingenious cool box: Spacious, highly insulating, smart-looking.


Stretchy, waterproof, breathable and handy to pack.

e. g. Trousers

For exciting car race on the wall and ceiling.


The fun board for year-round use and on almost every surface.


Marks and seals open bottles of beer, soft drink, juice, ... Perfect for parties at home, with your club or in the garden.


The bang on-trend bobble hat: Now even with a built-in heating system.


Natural evaporation ensures a cool head.


360° protection for the whole body. Awarded the ISPO Gold Award 2017.

e. g. Girls

The fascia roller with deep vibration and massage head.


Crispy-brown grilled sausages. In 5 minutes. At the touch of a button.


Water-repellent. Windproof. Reversible. Visible from a distance. And transformed into a safety vest in no time.


Ingenious: The climate-control sock with built-in blister protection.


Quality toboggan Austria seal of quality.


iF Student Design Award 2015. Made in Denmark.


This small bidet offers a great feeling of hygienic freshness when on the move.


The coolest sled on the slope. Made of robust PVC film.


The perfect companion on the go. Manufactured using traditional craftsmanship.


Finally: Sunglasses for all activities and any light.


Core training inspired by mountain biking and motocross. By German sporting goods manufacturer PRAEP®.


Activated by the tip of a finger in case of emergency.


Folds up in seconds to hand luggage size. Popular item for children from 10 months to 3 years old.


Storage, toy bag and play mat in one.


Ingenious invention keeps flying insects permanently away from your food.

e. g. 1 Piece

Always have a cosy fleece hoodie on hand.


The premium winter boots from Sweden. Optimal cold protection up to -50(!)°C.


69g lightweight (2.43 oz). 9mm flat (0.35“). And as comfortable as a normal headband.


Turns kinetic energy into heat with each step. Swiss quality product.

e. g. 3mm Pair

Ingenious sandals for relaxed toes and perfectly varnished nails.


Handwarmer, torch and power bank in one compact tool.


With this ingeniously versatile chair, you can relax or train your abdominal muscles.


Perfect for runners, walkers, cyclists and skiers,...


Your comfy garden chair is now even more comfortable – with cosy heat in a choice of 3 temperatures.

e. g. Heated Garden Chair Pad
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