Handy & Practical

Sparkling touchscreens with a single wipe. And hygienically clean.


Garment steamer and travel iron in one. Smooths, cleans and refreshes hanging garments in no time.


The ultimate multi-purpose scissors: Extremely sharp and precise.


Replaces a whole set of wrenches and 13 other tools.


350 lumens. 3 light modes with zoom. With integrated USB charger.


Stylish and indestructible: High quality and hand-made. Extremely flexible.


Splendid to read in bed, on long-haul flights, railway journeys. Keeps both hands free.


Move everything with ease. No more lugging, no more backaches.


Finally: Exactly the charging cable you need - at hand in a jiffy.


Vacuums up wet and dry. Runs on battery and 12V plug-in.


Stronger, more robust, more durable. Expands automatically when you turn on the tap.


Less bending and reaching required.


Brilliant multi-tool replaces more than 30 tools.


Order and overview in your cupboards and shelves in no time.


Sustainable and practical.


Cute bunny: Alarm clock, thermometer and night-light in one.


Never too late at the gate anymore.


Push don't pull. Lightweight with a huge capacity. With a separate "freezer compartment”.


It-bag for your lunch – in the office and on the road. By Alessi.


Stylish, versatile and never in the way.


The perfect companion on the go. Manufactured using traditional craftsmanship.


Award-winning design meets outstanding insulating performance.

e. g. 0.5 l

Power bank, torch, SOS flashing light, hygiene and banknote tester and a flameless electronic lighter in one.


No animal hair can escape from the closely packed rubber nubs.

e. g. 1 piece

Handy size. Ultralight. Always at hand.


Probably the smallest, strongest and most robust micro-torch in the world.


Brilliant innovation: The “Eye Shaker” – clean your spectacles in the blink of an eye.


The perfect combination of warmth and freedom of movement.


Targeted reading light – from a cuddly soft toy.


The cuddly soft thermal cushion with flexible hands-free strap system.


Brilliantly practical and comfortable: The drink holder for your sofa.


Enormous capacity. Robust material. Good design.


You’ve never set up your tree so quickly, easily and perfectly.


The stick lighter with an arc instead of a flame.


Grips, turns and removes in one step.

e. g. For humans

The better waste bin: Opens on your command.


Designer bag hook.


Saves effort and works without having to pull and tear.


Exquisite Japanese design. Perfect for aesthetes.

e. g. Party Plate 15 x 15cm (5.9" x 5.9")

Your most important devices always on hand - and in sight.

e. g. 1 Piece

Ingenious bathroom caddy with 5 compartments.


This ingenious solution ensures more order and safety while driving.


Rarely is rainwear so chic and feminine.


Ultra-strong double-sided adhesive tape also for use on rough surfaces.


Household scissors to last a lifetime: Ingeniously self-sharpening – following nature’s example.


No more hunting for cables, adapters, pens and business cards.


Minimal effort. Clean, smooth cut.

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