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All-rounder for tasty, low-fat and low-calorie barbecuing, braising, stewing, roasting, etc.

Starting at £29.95

inducTherm® Cook and Serveware

World novelty: The first porcelain suitable for use on induction hobs. Professional quality from Eschenbach.

e. g. 0.3 litre bowl

Cast Iron Cookware “Iron”

The cast iron classics of the pros. From WOLL, German professional manufacturer with over 40 years of experience.

e. g. Mini Casseroles With Lid

Pressure Cooker Easy Click®

Modern pressure cooker and classic 6-litre stainless steel pot in one.


Gratin Dish Twin

More practical, prettier and very affordable. Strong enough for daily use.


White Induction Pan or Large Pan

Premium ceramic pan. Scratch resistant. Heat resistant up to 400°C.

e. g. Pan

PROFILE Premium ­Pan

Long-lasting professional quality by Gäns Stahlwaren (GSW). With Teflon™ coating.

e. g. 24cm (9.4") diameter

7-in-1 Universal Lid

Fits all pots and pans from 16 to 28cm (6″ to 11″) in diameter.


Easy Bottling Set

Trend alert! Now faster and easier than ever before.



World’s first: Grill with the original RÖMERTOPF® ceramic.

e. g. Oblong


Ingenious tablet holder for the kitchen: Space-saving and versatile.


Asparagus Pot SUS

Ideal for large and small quantities.


Forged Iron Pan

Extreme heat tolerance. Practically indestructible. Unbeatable for crispy frying results.

e. g. 24cm (9.4″) diameter

Active Lite Cookware

Premium cookware made of die-cast aluminium with diamond coating and lids with air-tight seal.

e. g. Cooking Pot

Fish-roast and Serving Pan

Succulently roasted fish: Perfectly browned all over and served with style.

e. g. 1 Piece
Sold out
Sold out

mono multitop Cooking Lid

Fits on almost all pans. And is much more than just a lid.


Magnetic Trivet, 2-part

Brilliantly versatile. Perfect for round and angular pans of different sizes.


All-Clad Premium Cookware Stainless d5

Icons of multi-layered, stainless steel cookware. From professional cookware supplier All-Clad, USA.

e. g. Fry Pan

concept pro Premium Cookware

Frequent award winner: Premium cookware with multi-layer technology.

e. g. Household pan with removable handle (without lid)

Diamond Lite Premium Pans

Virtually indestructible: The 5-layer hard-base coating with titanium and diamond particles. Non-stick.

e. g. Household pan

Spatula “Flip it”

Made of glass fibre reinforced nylon with flat silicone tip, flexible rim and cutting function.


Chicken Leg Roaster, 2-piece Set

Perfectly grilled chicken legs, without the hassle of turning or sticking.



Combines the outstanding heating qualities of copper with the speed and precision of modern induction hobs.

e. g. Saucepan

Vegetable Strainer

No scalded fingers. The food stays safely in the pot.


Non-stick Premium Cookware

Multiple award winning premium cookware made of hand-cast aluminium with diamond seal and clever lid.

e. g. Pot with lid, 20cm (8") diameter, 11.5cm (4.5") H, 3 litres

XXL Die Cast Aluminium Fish Frying Pan Lotan®

Premium fish frying pan – highly conductive hand cast aluminium with removable handle.



Prevent pans from boiling over.


Chicken Griller with aroma infuser

Now with aroma infuser. Makes your crispy poultry even juicier and more aromatic.


Vulcano Ceramic Grill Pan

With scratch-proof coating. Heat-resistant up to 400°C and suitable for induction hobs.


FatPad Set or Roll

Takes just seconds to absorb surplus fat from your food.

e. g. FatPad Set

BAF Fischbach Crêpe Pan

The winner of our crêpe pan test. Made from highly conductive, hand-cast aluminium with non-stick coating.


Stackguard, Set of 9

Safely stack your pots and pans!


Splashguard Fan

The perfect splashguard: Fans out to save space.


Simmering Pan

The practical Simmering Pan. Does away with the fiddly bain-marie.

e. g. Small

Double Pan

Nothing falls apart. Nothing spills. Also ideal for delicate fish fillets, fried potatoes, French toast etc.