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Diamond Knife Grinder, 2-piece Set

Sharpen knives without practice: Professional, safe and fast.


Butter Slicer “butter-leaf”

Ingenious invention for wafer-thin slices of cold butter.

Sold out
Sold out

Böker Core Chief Knife Damascus

Centuries-old Damascus forging art with the high-tech steel of today. A masterpiece and an acquisition for life.


Joseph Joseph Multi-Grip Mandoline™

Slice more safely: Thanks to the multi-grip for vegetables and fruit of almost any size.


Lurch Vegetable Strip Cutter

The innovative cutter for your creative vegetable cuisine.


Compact 5-piece Chopping Board Organiser

Sophisticated design, well thought-out functionality and compactly space-saving. By Joseph Joseph.

e. g. Colour: Silver

Déglon Household Scissors

Household scissors from the centre of French cutlery, Thiers. Made by Déglon.


Garlico Garlic Press

Award-winning garlic press: With extra large chamber and automatic scraper.


Microplane® Professional Peeler

Faster, sharper and more precise.


Electric Citrus Juicer CP 3535

40 W strong. With XL juice container. For a very good price.


KAI Kitchen Grater

3 specialists for almost every task. Blade sharpness and precision made in Japan.

e. g. Set of 3 (one of each grater)

KAI Fish Bone Tweezers

Extremely precise, handy, strong. By Japanese knife specialists KAI.


Rösle Herb Rinser

Wash, dry and mince garden herbs – quickly and easily as never before.


Gefu® Duo Egg Slicer

Prepare fine egg slices or decorative egg wedges with just one tool.


Vegetable/Fruit Cutter Flexicut

Quarter or eighth vegetables and fruit perfectly. Quicker and easier than ever before.


V Slicer

Extremely sharp and keeps its edge. Ideal for expensive truffles.


5-in-1 Food Storage Box

Functionality in stylish colours. By Joseph Joseph, London.


Tim Mälzer Kamagata Knives

The new Kamagata knives by KAI, Japanese knife specialists since 1908.

e. g. Paring Knife

Mastrad Protective Glove

Secure protection against razor-sharp graters.


3-in-1 Avocado Slicer

Split, pit, scoop and slice avocados with just one ingenious tool.


Stainless Steel Folding Kitchen Scales

Fit easily in a small drawer or hang decoratively.


Scraper Set

Dough scraper, dough cutter and spatula in a handy set.


nanoCARE™ Chopping Board

Award-winning permanently antibacterial chopping boards with nanoCARE™ technology.

e. g. Size: 26 x 16cm (10.2" x 6.3")

Silicone Dough Rolling Mat

The perfect silicone mat for kneading, rolling, moulding.


Damascus Knife

The sharpness and edge retention of large Damascus knives.

e. g. Set of 4 consisting of a peeling, vegetable, santoku and Chief’s knife

Kochblume® Folding Colander

Save up to 70% more space in your kitchen cupboard.


Naomi Nut Cracker

Cracking nuts has never been so much fun.


Spirelli XL Spiral Slicer

Perfect vegetable spirals in 2 thicknesses: As quick and easy as sharpening a pencil.


Microwavable Bacon Bowl

Crispy bacon – quickly and easily like never before. No stove, no pan, no fat splashes.


Microplane® Herb Cutter

Ultra-sharp. Cuts fresh herbs in fine pieces, without crushing. Simple, safe and fast.


Precision Peeler

Special Japanese steel creates an extra sharp blade. Peels quickly and efficiently.


Microplane® Garlic Cutter

Safe, comfortable and fast – and your hands won‘t smell of garlic.


Zyliss® Tomato/Mozzarella Slicer

So quick and easy to use: Tomatoes, mozzarella, hard-boiled eggs sliced to perfection.

Sold out
Sold out

Professional Oyster Knife

In hardened surgical stainless steel. Durable and strong. Suitable for right and left handed people.


Original Dutch Cheese Knife

Glides through cheese by rocking back and forth. No more tedious slicing.


Professional Potato Ricer Force One

Premium potato ricer – lighter, quicker, cleaner.


“Cracky” Nutcracker

Effortless to use – thanks to its robust teeth and perfect leverage.


Robert Welch® Knife Organiser

Stores up to 20 knives of various shapes and sizes (instead of 5-6 knives).


Potato gloves for adults and children

The cleverest invention since potatoes.

e. g. Potato gloves for children, 2 pair

Shun Premier Knives ”Tim Mälzer“

The new damask steel knives series from traditional Japanese manufacturer KAI.

e. g. Paring Knife

Protective glove

Oyster glove made in Germany. Ideal for all dangerous jobs with knives.


Professional V-Slicer

Produce precise discs, strips,dice & julienne strips. Quick & easy. Perfect for large quantities.


Flexible Chopping Boards, Set of 4

Transfers all your chopped ingredients directly into the saucepan, frying pan or dish, without spills.


“Shark“ˮMeat Roller

Can also be used as a traditional meat tenderiser with 2 profiles.

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