Mixing, Whisking and Chopping


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Rösle Herb Rinser

Wash, dry and mince garden herbs – quickly and easily as never before.


Gastroback Advanced Digital Food Processor

State-of-the-art food processor, with powerful direct drive.


Olive Wood Cooking Utensils, Set of 3

Made by hand for lasting beauty. Protects delicate non-stick coatings.


2-in-1 Whisk Whiskle™

Whip, whisk, stir, ... and scrape clean - with just one ingenious kitchen helper.

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Sold out

Slice & Dice® Multi-Cutter

Dice, spirals, juliennes and slices – with just one powerful multi-cutter.


Caso Multi Food Processor

Chops. Purees. Mixes.


Qwik Wisk™ Hand Blender

For whipped cream, beaten egg whites, dressings, pancake batter, ...


Pouring Spout “Ducky”

Much more original than conventional pouring spouts.


Gefu Mixing and Stirring Bowl

Useful everyday. For stirring, whipping, mixing, blending, melting, ...


Potato Masher with Silicone Scraper

The potato masher with integrated silicone scraper. Developed with and recommended by star chef Jamie Oliver.