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£ £

Fits under almost every door. Elegant like a fine carpet, but tough on dust, mud and dirt.


Elegant oak and black metal design. And a true space-saving miracle.


In one go the comfortable upholstery becomes a cosy armchair, stool or guest bed.


An explosion of colour that cleverly combines stripes with squares. Always an exclusive eye-catcher.


3 wooden strips. 12 fine columns. Countless possibilities to arrange photos and more.


Spectacular focal point in the garden, on the terrace, by the pool, ...


Your perfect flatmate: Comfortable, indestructible pointed stool in award-winning design. Handmade in Germany.


Just hook it on – that’s all: Coat hanger made of untreated maple wood.


Fascinating, battery-operated interplay of light. Great fun for both indoors or outdoors, the ultimate pond or pool accessory.

e. g. Small, 30cm (11.8")

Modern sculpture? Elegant design object? Stylish balancing game?


Much more elegant and comfortable: Washable bath pillow creates a soft spot for your head.

e. g. with counterweight
Sold out

100,000 micro pulses per second lift eyebrows and stimulate blood circulation.


Day and night in artistic photographic images. And quite tricky, with 500 pieces each.

e. g. Dawn

Sleek fruit stand instead of protruding bowl: Saves space and looks cool.


Watering like the pros: The water irrigation bag with metered droplet delivery.


Always the right saw on hand: The 11-in-1 multi-saw for wood, metal, plastic, tile, glass, ...


Finally, silky smooth hair without tugging.


A fascinating effect. And an atmospheric eye-catcher indoors and outdoors.


These lanterns are a beautiful highlight that embellish your garden all year round.

e. g. Size: Small; Colour: Yellow

Highly efficient solar light. Small art object. And a meaningful social project.


Luxury gift wrapping paper: Handmade, hand-printed and hand-marbled.

Price per square metre £8.17

Protect yourself from mites, germs and microbes in your bed.


Artfully abstracted. XL figurine. Sturdy stone look, 100% weatherproof.

e. g. Small

The legendary classic in pocket size, with luminous LED headlights.

e. g. Light Beetle 1964

At last a dustmite proof sleeping bag. Perfect for people with allergies.


Wellness for four-legged friends: Cosy cushion bed with sheep’s wool and natural Swiss stone pine.

e. g. Size: 60 x 40 cm (23.6" x 15.7")
Sold out

Instead of centre punches, drills and cordless screwdrivers just one condensed universal tool.


Beautiful Italian design. And foldable: Perfect garden chair for terrace, garden, pool, ...

e. g. Stool Cushion

The first dishwasher rack specifically for sustainable drinking straws.


The latest generation of mini-torch. Smaller, lighter and even more powerful.


Eye-catcher on your desk: Blacky the Sheep magnetically attracts paper clips.


Perfect for stowing, storing and transporting.


Once a pioneer of unconventional comfort, today an extremely elegant classic. Original by Cuero/Sweden.


Finest, white bathroom ceramics for your feathered guests. Elegant design by Eva Solo, Denmark.


Decoration object? Skill game? Both.


Opulent floral splendour in a small space.

Sold out

Both a versatile basket and a comfortable, elegant stool. Made of beautiful bronzed aluminium. By Philippi.


The award winning glass vase that adapts perfectly to your bouquets.


Made of robust powder-coated stainless steel. Convenient lightweight piece without a handle, ideal for small spaces.

Sold out

Incredibly versatile. Stylish retro design. Modern functions.


Sleek, clean shape. Eternally beautiful, robust and easy to care for.

e. g. Bathroom Tumbler
Sold out

Fans around the globe love her – at Easter and all year round.


These seed bombs will transform barren spaces into flower-filled meadows in 4 to 8 weeks.

e. g. Poppies (3 x 8 Balls, 252 g (8.9 oz))

Much younger, slimmer and more elegant.


Healthy sitting can be this stylish.


Stylish alarm clock and dimmable night or mood lighting all in one.


A rare table linen with a sophisticad linen look and fully easy-care. And pleasingly affordable.

e. g. Size: 80 x 80cm (31.5" x 31.5"); Colour: Natural

The ingenious Roxy Pocket Shaver: Hardly bigger than a lipstick. And the eyebrow razor in a discreet mascara design.

e. g. Face Shaver
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