New - Pro-Idee Cuisine

Character-matched glasses for optimal wine enjoyment.

e. g. RICH

State-of-the-art food processor, with powerful direct drive.


Hot and cold plate in one. In a WMF gastronome size.


Elegant, stable and portable. Ideal for the kitchen, bathroom, guest toilet.


Sophisticated design made from extremely robust heat-treated beech wood. Provides space for up to 12 (!) knives of practically any size.


Nothing slips or twists when being turned. And everything glides gently and cleanly from the skewer onto the plate.


Enjoy the full aroma of freshly ground spices – without large utensils on the table.

e. g. Mini Spice Mill

A stylish way to open wines with screw caps.


For the smallest of spaces: Everything you would expect from a professional food processor.


Great features. Great workmanship. Great price.


Innovative stainless design makes for a stylishly clean table.


The professional knife for gardening: Precise, sharp and with a curved blade.


Majorca’s rare and precious “white gold” from the salt pans of Es Trenc.

e. g. Natural, 180g
Price per 100g £5.53

Reusable fresh nets instead of plastic bags. Environmentally friendly, breathable, flexible.


All-rounders for the kitchen. Made of enamel.

Starting at £14.95

Everything you would expect from the perfect filter coffee maker. At a very good price.


Prepare fine egg slices or decorative egg wedges with just one tool.


Keeps your bread fresh for longer. And reduces the risk of mould.


Made by hand for lasting beauty. Protects delicate non-stick coatings.


Ultra-compact slow juicer with extra-large filling opening for whole fruits.


Ready in 5 (!) seconds; For 1 cup or up to 2.7 litres of hot water.


All-rounder for tasty, low-fat and low-calorie barbecuing, braising, stewing, roasting, etc.

Starting at £29.95

Instant overview and order in cupboards, drawers, shelves, ...


Reusable. Biodegradable. And no harmful particles can pass into your food.


Award-winning design pepper mill for single or two-handed operation.


Vacuum sealing set – ingeniously fast and simple. Also for the freezer.


The perfect breakfast knife: Ideal for cutting and spreading.


Koi weave structure + microfibre + bamboo = wipe, dry streak-free and polish with just one cloth.


Cuts and serves cakes and tarts of all kinds in a clean and stylish way.


Now all you need is this brilliant measuring cup scale to weigh ingredients down to the gramme.


Faster, more powerful, bigger. At a very good price.


The best filter coffee; freshly ground and immediately brewed.


Ingenious all-rounder that bakes various types of delicious waffles to suit every taste.


The sustainable alternative to disposable foil and single-use packaging.


Almost indestructible. Also ideal for use with coated pots and pans.


Solid full-metal housing. Three speed levels. With battery for up to 20 minutes of continuous operation.


Wonderfully delicate and elegant. Nevertheless, extremely resistant to breakage.

e. g. Red Wine Glass

Quarter or eighth vegetables and fruit perfectly. Quicker and easier than ever before.