Safety, organising, hygiene

Save space. And protect your food from ambient oxygen and moisture.


Less bending and reaching required.


Stylish 50s cabinet? Or the world’s most beautiful waste receptacle?


Order and overview in your cupboards and shelves in no time.


Sustainable and practical.


Now, finally, fragile bottles can travel twice as safely.


Functionality in stylish colours. By Joseph Joseph, London.


No tiresome scrubbing. No burnt-in stains.


Keeps washing-up utensils tidy and within easy reach.


Perfect cleaning, kitchen and bath cloths.

e. g. Bath Cloths

Drinks to go – stylish in a handmade cup made from the finest porcelain by KPM Berlin.


Saves time, effort and washing up.


Light-protected and well-ventilated; your potatoes, garlic, apples, ... are stored optimally.


Never have a spilled drink again: On the desk, at breakfast, on the boat, ...


Secure protection against razor-sharp graters.


Creates more space and keeps your fridge organised.


Freshness and shine with every dishwashing cycle.


The best out of five: The Safe Edge came out as the best of 5 can openers.


Made from heat-resistant material, as used in racing driver outfits.


Particularly easy to fill “no-spindle” designer mills. From English spice mill specialists.

e. g. Pepper Mill

Cool beach boys and girls protect your drinks from annoying insects.

e. g. Beach Boys

The better waste bin: Opens on your command.


Trend alert! Now faster and easier than ever before.


Natural freshness in your fridge.


Ingenious tablet holder for the kitchen: Space-saving and versatile.


Knife block and clever utensil caddy in one. Exclusive to Pro-Idee.


The multi-purpose bowl for preparing, serving, storing, freezing, heating and transporting.

e. g. Deep
Starting at £31.95

Hygienic cleanliness – no chance for bacteria.


Sharpen knives like the pros – gentle on blades, safe and fast.


Strong against dirt, but gentle on coatings.


100% leak-proof: The 2-in-1 lunch container for cold and warm, solid and liquid meals.

e. g. 400 ml

A multifunctional drainer and storage solution for the sink.

e. g. 1 Piece

Smart cutlery organiser saves over 50% space in the drawer.


Clever and convenient: The space-saving 2-tier knife organiser for the cutlery drawer.


This ingenious waste bin saves up to 3 times as much space as others of the same size.


Plastic bags, airtight and watertight, sealed within seconds.


Chop onions without tears. Exclusive to Pro-Idee.


Holds your washing up equipment – tidy, dry and at hand.


Insulates 3 times better than conventional cooling bags.

e. g. 25 l, 1 piece

Sparkling clean without much effort – and without scratches or traces of abrasion. Naturally antibacterial.

e. g. Copper Sponge, Set of 3

The new generation cleaning cloth: More thorough, durable and hygienic.


No polishing. No chemicals.


Double walled stainless steel keeps your food hot or cold for longer. Pleasantly affordable.

e. g. 1.2 litre

Everything in the sink and back out again – just like that!


Suitable for all sinks and attaches magnetically, even across a corner.


No more pesky fruit flies. Effective and environmentally friendly trap in decorative apple shape.


Stores up to 20 knives of various shapes and sizes (instead of 5-6 knives).


Oyster glove made in Germany. Ideal for all dangerous jobs with knives.

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