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Clothing size

  • 8
  • 8R
  • 10
  • 10R
  • 10S
  • 12
  • 12R
  • 12S
  • 14
  • 14R
  • 14S
  • 16
  • 16R
  • 16S
  • 18
  • 18R
  • 18S
  • 20
  • 20R
  • 20S
  • 22
  • 22R
  • 22S
  • 34
  • 36
  • 38
  • 40
  • 42
  • 44
  • 46

Bra size

  • 34B
  • 34C
  • 34D
  • 36B
  • 36C
  • 36D
  • 38B
  • 38C
  • 38D
  • 40B
  • 40C
  • 40D
  • 42C
  • 42D


  • Beige
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Gold
  • Green
  • Grey
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Rose
  • White


  • cotton
  • elastane
  • linen
  • synthetic
  • virgin wool
  • viscose
  • wool


£ £

LABO.ART Bouclé Jacket, Knitted Trousers or Turtleneck

Simple yet eye-catching at the same time: Pure and clean style three-piece made of soft wool jersey.

e. g. Turtleneck; Size: 8-10; Colour: Dark blue

Mason’s Chino Check Pattern

Perfectly tailored for the female figure: Feminine chinos in trendy check pattern. By Mason's.


Anita Sports Bra or Active Massage Leggings, Animal Print

With 3D massage nubs incorporated. A great match: The “air control” bra. By Anita Active.

e. g. Sports Bra

Goldbergh Softshell Stirrup Trousers

Unique slim stirrup trousers made of softshell.


TWINSET Loungewear Pullover or Trousers

Cable knit. Chenille. Statement sleeves. Floral print. Fashionable cut. By TWINSET.

e. g. Pullover; Size: 10; Colour: Rosé

Seductive Galon Trousers “Blended Wool”, Brown

Soft, won’t chafe, comfortably elastic, hardwearing and machine washable.


SLY010 24 Hour Top or Trousers, Spicy Red

Fashionable design. Uncomplicated crepe. Comfortable, flattering cut. By SLY010, Berlin.

e. g. Trousers; Size: 8; Colour: Spicy Red
Sold out
Sold out

Taion Unisex Down Trousers

Warmer and yet lighter – thanks to rare, high-quality down insulation. From Taion.


TWINSET Punto Milano Wide Leg Trousers

Fashionable wide leg. On-trend men’s style. Fine Punto Milano jersey. By TWINSET.


Michèle Salt & Pepper Trousers

Comfortable on the sofa. Ideal for work. Elegant in the evening. And always in perfect shape.


Seductive Trousers “Blended Wool”

Soft, won’t chafe, comfortably elastic, hardwearing and machine washable.


Salty Skin Batik Trousers

Highly fashionable batik print, traditionally handmade in Bali.

e. g. Size: 10; Colour: Aqua/White
£79.95(-42 %)

Ivko Jacquard Knit Trousers or Fine Knit Top

Light summer knitwear for a fashionable all-over look. By Ivko.

e. g. Top; Size: 10; Colour: Blue
£54.95(-21 %)

HFor Sweat Trousers, Long-Sleeved or Short-Sleeved Sweater

A wonderfully comfortable, trendy smart look and pleasantly affordable.

e. g. Long-Sleeved Sweater; Size: 10/12; Colour: White

Seductive Pull-On Trousers “Sabrina”, chequered

A proven success for more than 10 years. And it’s still a hot fashion trend.


Aigle Outdoor Shorts

Functional fabric. Perfect length. Slim cut. By Aigle, France.

e. g. Size: 12/14; Colour: Navy
£49.95(-28 %)

SLY010 24 Hour Trousers or Top, Blue

Fashionable design. Uncomplicated crepe. Comfortable, flattering cut. By SLY010, Berlin.

e. g. Trousers; Size: 8; Colour: Blue
£239(-17 %)

Reda Rewoolution Women’s Shorts

Merino wool: Scratch-free, silky and with all the advantages you’d expect from high-performance material.

e. g. Size: 10; Colour: Blue
£79.95(-33 %)

Comfortable Linen Pull-on Trousers

Pure linen. Fashionable wide leg. Comfortable elasticated waistband. Great price.

e. g. Size: 8; Colour: Green
£54.95(-15 %)

Functional cargo bermuda shorts, Women

Pleasantly light. 2-way stretch. Quick-drying. For men and women.

e. g. Size: 10; Colour: Navy
£49.95(-28 %)

Sassenbach Tunic or Boot-cut Trousers

Seldom does a simple outfit attract so many glances: Clean 2-piece suit made of Italian high-tech jersey.

e. g. Trousers; Size: 10; Colour: Black

Striped Palazzo Trousers

Perfect summer trousers – for both beach holidays and smart restaurants.

e. g. Size: 12S; Colour: Black/White
£59.95(-15 %)

Seventy Blue Suit Trousers or Blazer

Stylish makeover for the classic dark blue trouser suit. By Seventy, Italy.

e. g. Trousers; Size: 8; Colour: Dark Blue
£144.95(-17 %)

TWINSET linen mix pants

The wide-leg pants made of an airy viscose-linen mix. By TWINSET.

e. g. Size: 8; Colour: Nature
£124.95(-28 %)

Wide-Leg chino

New look for the classic chino: Now with a wide leg and in rare Pima cotton.


Seductive Elegant Pull-on Trousers

Comfortably stretchy, hardwearing, practical pull-on style and machine washable.


RAPHAELA-­BY-­BRAX Magic Waistband Trousers Leopard

Probably the most comfortable trousers you’ll ever own: The Magic Waistband trousers by ­Raphaela-by-Brax.


Curare Yoga Flounce Pants, Top and Tank Top

Probably the most comfortable leisure suit you will ever own. By Curare Yogawear.

e. g. Tank Top; Size: 10; Colour: Rosewood

RAPHAELA-BY-BRAX Magic Waistband Corduroy Trousers

Invisible reserve waistband width plus power-stretch effect. Made of soft corduroy. By RAPHAELA-BY-BRAX.


Depeche Stretch leather leggings

Tight fit but still super comfortable: The stretch leather leggings from Danish leather specialist Depeche.

e. g. Size: 8; Colour: Bordeaux
£359(-11 %)

New Check Pants

Fashionably pepped up through a new woven structure and orange-coloured braid stripes.

e. g. Size: 10S; Colour: Brown/Orange
£79.95(-9 %)

The Perfect Stirrup Trousers, Corduroy

They never slip out of your boots: The stirrup trousers in fine corduroy.

e. g. Size: 12S; Colour: Brown/Green
£84.95(-12 %)

Seductive Galon Trousers “Blended Wool”

The appearance of classic cloth trousers. Yet far more simple, thanks to “Blended Wool”.


Recover Blue Denim Jeggings

Jeggings: As comfy as leggings. Look like skinny jeans.


Faux Leather Janice & Jo Leggings, Snake

Luxurious imitation ­leather leggings from the specialist fashion label: Janice & Jo, France.


Punto Milano Wide Leg Trousers

The perfect black trousers for everyday wear and all occasions. Fine Punto Milano jersey.


Elisa F. Ibiza Culottes

The real Ibiza trousers: Once a classic in the 70s hippie style. Nowadays the star of the wide leg trends.


Raphaela by Brax Capri Comfort Jeggings

Finally: Comfortable jeggings that can also be worn with a cropped top. From Raphaela by Brax.


Seersucker striped trousers

The perfect summer trousers for 2020: Highly fashionable cut. Airy-light fabric classic.


Magic 7/8 Summer Trousers

These magic cotton trousers shape your figure like a corset – and are still extremely comfy.


Silver Skinny Jeans Shorts

The original Silver Jeans from Canada: Perfect fit. Distinctive style. Now also as fashionable denim shorts.

e. g. Size: 12/14; Colour: Dark blue
£74.95(-6 %)

Curare Yoga Shirt, Top Leoprint or Leggings Leoprint

Probably the most comfortable leisure suit you will ever own. By Curare Yogawear.

e. g. Shirt; Size: 10; Colour: Dark Grey

Brax Stirrup Trousers “Houndstooth”

Stirrup trousers 2.0: Contemporary fit, timeless houndstooth pattern and more comfortable than ever.


RAPHAELA-BY-BRAX 24-Hour Trousers

These 24-hour trousers are crease-resistant, suitcase-friendly, easy to care for and incredibly comfy.


Chic Bermuda Shorts

Elegant enough to replace a skirt: Chic Bermuda shorts with fashionable printed pattern.


Christies Shaping Stretch Trousers

Finally: Leggings that give a really good silhouette! Shaping leggings by Christies, the Italian specialist.


Seductive Trousers Sabrina

Finally: The bestselling Seductive trousers now also suitable to wear with short tops.

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