Clothing size

  • 31"
  • 33"
  • 34"
  • 36"
  • 38"
  • 40"
  • 42"


  • Black
  • Blue
  • Grey
  • White


  • elastane
  • synthetic


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Ramatuelle Swimming Shorts Lotus Effect

The lotus effect simply lets water drip off your new swimming shorts. Faster drying with a trick from nature.


Hackett London Seersucker Swimming Shorts

In the water, they do not stick to your skin. In the air, they are quick to dry again.


HOM Jacquard Swimming Trunks

Less shiny, more stylish and more durable than most. Jacquard woven swimming trunks by HOM, France.


HOM Swimming Shorts

Distinctly the most elegant among fashionable swimming shorts. Perfect fit. Elegant style. Contemporary colour.


Slim Swimming Shorts

Slim, stylish and quick-drying. Swimming shorts for the sporty gentleman.


Swim&Dry Swim Shorts

The swim shorts that never stick to the body. And are never too loud.