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Brittany Top, Microfibre

The favourite top from Saint James for over 13 years. The Brittany top made from Meryl®.

Starting at £ 69
Now Starting at £ 49

Rosemunde Copenhagen Striped Lace Top

Luxurious silk jersey. Feminine lace and scalloped hem. By Rosemunde Copenhagen.

£ 60

Zadig & Voltaire Signature Shirt with Long Sleeves

Always appropriate and welcome everywhere: The signature shirt of the Parisian brand Zadig & Voltaire.

£ 105

kidneykaren Kidney Warmer

The first kidney warmer featured in fashion magazines.

£ 18

SunSelect® T-shirt, Women

Looks good, feels good and has the same effect as a good sun cream.

£ 35

Fuzzi Travel-Friendly Top

Ultra-light, uncomplicated and as elegant as a blouse. By Fuzzi, Italy.

£ 169

Pima Piqué Polo Shirt, Women

Your first luxury polo shirt. Made of handpicked (!) Peruvian Pima cotton.

£ 49

Zimmerli Lace Top

Too pretty to hide under clothes. A delicate top with St. Gallen lace. By Zimmerli.

£ 125

M Missoni Turtleneck Top

High-fashion knitwear with fashionable non-scratching Lurex shimmer. By M Missoni.

£ 159

Barbara Schwarzer Basic Long-Sleeved Top

A basic top to go with any look. Casual, suitable for the office. Design: Barbara Schwarzer, Düsseldorf.

£ 80

Rosemunde Lingerie Top

The lingerie top for women, not girls. By Rosemunde Copenhagen.

£ 55

Aigle Cotton Functional Shirt

100% moisture absorbent – but thanks to the cotton much softer than pure synthetic shirts. By Aigle, France.

£ 55

Double faced summer knitwear by [schi]ess

Cool linen on the outside. Soft organic cotton on the inside. Double faced summer knitwear by [schi]ess.

e. g. Top
£ 145

Short- or Long-Sleeve Basic Shirt swiss+cotton

swiss+cotton is a shape-retaining, colourfast, soft and smooth stretch fabric.

e. g. Short-Sleeve
£ 35

Stonewashed Hoody, Shirt or Jersey Trousers

Piece-dyed and stone washed: Each suit is unique.

e. g. Shirt
£ 45

Shelley Komarov Travel-Shirt “Pleated”

Effortlessly well dressed. Comfortable, easy-care yet elegant.

Starting at £ 169
Now Starting at £ 99

Knitted Linen Striped Long-Sleeved or Short-Sleeved Top

Comfortably cool and dry on hot days.

e. g. Top
£ 69

Kidneykaren Midi

Bandeau top, minidress, tube skirt, kidney warmer, ...

Starting at £ 16.95
Now Starting at £ 10

Triumph shaping top

A flat tummy and full ­décolleté: Shaping in all the right places. Top by Triumph.

£ 33

Hampton & Friends Hippie Top

The authentic hippy top, elaborately embroidered by hand in Nepal.

Starting at £ 49
Now Starting at £ 35

Pima Polo Shirt, Ladies

Made of handpicked Peruvian Pima cotton. Top quality, like the best polo shirts in the world.

£ 45

Alpaca Pima Top

The perfectly simple warm winter top. A winning blend of Pima cotton and baby alpaca.

£ 65

Barbara Schwarzer Undergarment

Perfect underneath sleeveless dresses & tops. The sheer fabric keeps you warm and appropriately covered up.

£ 69

Triumph 4-in-1 Shirt

The versatile reversible top: From nude to black, from V-neck to scoop neck. Perfect for travelling.

£ 29

Curare Yoga Wrap-Around Shirt or Leggings

Way more than just a yoga outfit: It’s wellness for you to wear.

e. g. Wrap-Around Shirt
£ 45

“Wrap” Top, long sleeves

At last – a wrap top that fits perfectly. Its secret: A mock wrap design without annoying ties.

£ 59

Aigle Functional Cotton Polo Shirt

Soft and natural. Keeps you feeling dry and fresh. Reliable UV protection.

£ 40

John Smedley 30-Gauge T-Shirt

More comfortable than regular T-shirts. Yet just as versatile. Luxurious Sea Island cotton.

£ 120
Now £ 89

Luxurious Silk Tunic

Outlives generations of inexpensive tops.

£ 79

Magical Wrap-Top

The magical top. Impeccable in black and white.

£ 39

Silk Tencel® shirt

Warms without being bulky: The perfect shirt under slender blazers and jackets.

£ 59

Saint James T-Shirt Blouse

As stylish as a blouse – yet as versatile and low maintenance as a T-shirt.

Starting at £ 75
Now Starting at £ 49

“Wrap” Top, short sleeves

At last – a wrap top that fits perfectly. Its secret: A mock wrap design without annoying ties.

£ 49

Brittany Shirt, Women, Cotton

The original shirt from Brittany. As worn by fishermen since the 19th century. By Saint James of France.

£ 59

Knitted Linen Nautical Tee

Brilliant and yet a rare find: A knitted linen tee. Comfortably cool and dry on hot days.

£ 59
Now £ 39

John Smedley Polo

It takes 60 hours to make this shirt. You’ll notice the difference in seconds.

£ 119

Wolff T-shirt

Made from finest mercerised cotton.

£ 55

Ballet Body

Made from skin-friendly cotton single jersey with 8% elastane for shape.

£ 35

Magical Top

Impeccable in black and white.

£ 45

Blazer Top

You’ll often wear this easy-care top instead of a blouse.

Starting at £ 35
Now Starting at £ 19