Boots & Half Boots

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Palladium Canvas Boots

Enduring design. Indestructible quality. Cult status since 1947. Now hot and fashionable again.

£ 55

Apple of Eden Chelsea Boots

Fashionably up-to-date, produced with a high-quality finish and at a fair price.

£ 99

Yellow Cab Vintage Boots

Robust and sturdy yet soft and weigh only 370g (13.1 oz). The rustic leather boots by Yellow Cab, New York.

£ 145

Crocs™ Women's or Men's Winter Boots

Even in winter don’t go without the comfort of your beloved Crocs™.

e. g. Men
£ 89

Ducanero® Ankle Boots

Feminine. Casual. Bold. Colours as adaptable as a chameleon.

£ 249

Original Moon Boot®

Unmistakable chunky design, yet light as a feather: The original Moon Boot®.

£ 49

Hunter Original Wellingtons

Tradition since 1856. Purveyor to the Duke of Edinburgh and Her Majesty the Queen.

£ 99

Hunter Boot Socks

Stylish fleece socks by Hunter: A warm upgrade for your wellingtons. By the makers of the legendary boots.

£ 29

Ash Sheepskin Sneaker Boots

100% fashionable. 100% suited to winter. The sheepskin boots by Ash.

Starting at £ 169
Now Starting at £ 109

Hunter Chelsea boots

Who knew that good wellingtons could be so stylish?

Starting at £ 69

Anna F. Stretch Boots

Perfect fit for your calf. Versatile and comfy. With ultra-lightweight, non-slip sole.

£ 235

Laidbacklondon Ethnic

Trendy ethnic-style boots, traditionally handmade.

£ 129

Arcus® Winter Boots

Tough, fashionable boots – with a rare comfortable sole of flexible natural latex.

£ 219

Arcus Lambskin Trimmed Boots

Such comfortable, weatherproof, warm winter boots are hard to find. Soft, flexible and weighing just 11.5 oz.

£ 199

Sorel Ladies’ or Men's “Caribou” Winter Boots

An iconic classic, a trendy boot and one of the best to protect against cold, rain and snow.

e. g. Women
£ 99

Casanova Curling Boot

A fashion revival of a cult classic. The sixties curling boot – now a mere 11 ounces.

£ 189

Aigle Snow Fur Boot

Lightweight. Outstanding design. And still 100% outdoor boot.

£ 99

Samsonite Footwear Flat Boots

The elegant, flat boot at an amazing price.

£ 209

Yellow Cab Cowhide Boots

Not too warm. Not too cold. Just right for 8 months of the year.

£ 99

Shoot Chelsea Boot

Legendary shape. Soft calfskin. High-end craftsmanship. And an excellent price.

£ 85

Dayton Boots “Confederate”

At long last – now available in Europe. The favourite boots of US stars. Handmade in Vancouver since 1946.

£ 429

Vesprini Crêpe Plateau Boots

Elegant high boots – but surprisingly comfortable. And they’re even fit for winter. With warm lining.

£ 205

Shoot Summer Boot

Airier than most ankle boots. But just as hardwearing and fuss-free.

£ 85

Ilse Jacobsen Lace-up Wellies

The design classic among wellies: The lace-up boot by Ilse Jacobsen, Hornbaek.

£ 129

Arcus® Lambskin Boot

You really can have it all: A winter boot that’s fashionable, versatile and comfy. In finest nubuck leather.

£ 255

Sancho Western Boots

Classic Western boots – but much softer and more flexible.

£ 69

Yellow Cab Streetstyle Boots

Rugged and tough. Yet soft and a mere 18.5 ounces light.

£ 126

Fratelli Borgioli Chelsea Boot

The immortal Chelsea boot made in premium Italian quality.

£ 279

Non-Slip Shoe Covers, 2 pair

No tread has these non-skid properties.

£ 29.95