Boots & Half Boots

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Fashionably up-to-date, produced with a high-quality finish and at a fair price.

Robust and sturdy yet soft and weigh only 370g (13.1 oz). The rustic leather boots by Yellow Cab, New York.

Even in winter don’t go without the comfort of your beloved Crocs™.

Feminine. Casual. Bold. Colours as adaptable as a chameleon.

Unmistakable chunky design, yet light as a feather: The original Moon Boot®.

Tradition since 1856. Purveyor to the Duke of Edinburgh and Her Majesty the Queen.

Stylish fleece socks by Hunter: A warm upgrade for your wellingtons. By the makers of the legendary boots.

100% fashionable. 100% suited to winter. The sheepskin boots by Ash.

Short cowboy boots are becoming popular, but at Zadig & Voltaire they’ve already proven to be indispensable.

Who knew that good wellingtons could be so stylish?

Perfect fit for your calf. Versatile and comfy. With ultra-lightweight, non-slip sole.

Trendy ethnic-style boots, traditionally handmade.

Tough, fashionable boots – with a rare comfortable sole of flexible natural latex.

Defies snow, slush and puddles. And only weighs 13.7 oz.

Such comfortable, weatherproof, warm winter boots are hard to find. Soft, flexible and weighing just 11.5 oz.

An iconic classic, a trendy boot and one of the best to protect against cold, rain and snow.

World first: Chelsea Boots with a patented wedge heel.

A fashion revival of a cult classic. The sixties curling boot – now a mere 11 ounces.

46 years Moon Boot®: Very few design ideas have lasted this long. Great new city look and contemporary design.

Lightweight. Outstanding design. And still 100% outdoor boot.

The elegant, flat boot at an amazing price.

Traditional twin stitching. Waterproof and incredibly robust.

Not too warm. Not too cold. Just right for 8 months of the year.

Legendary shape. Soft calfskin. High-end craftsmanship. And an excellent price.

At long last – now available in Europe. The favourite boots of US stars. Handmade in Vancouver since 1946.

Elegant high boots – but surprisingly comfortable. And they’re even fit for winter. With warm lining.

Ideal for travel. Light. Comfortable. Feminine. And versatile.
£ 149

Airier than most ankle boots. But just as hardwearing and fuss-free.

The design classic among wellies: The lace-up boot by Ilse Jacobsen, Hornbaek.

You really can have it all: A winter boot that’s fashionable, versatile and comfy. In finest nubuck leather.

Classic Western boots – but much softer and more flexible.

Rugged and tough. Yet soft and a mere 18.5 ounces light.

The immortal Chelsea boot made in premium Italian quality.

No tread has these non-skid properties.