Lingerie, Nightwear & Loungewear

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Silk/Modal Pyjamas “Watercolour Design”

Much more than a pair of pyjamas: A small work of art to wear. With a tasteful watercolour design on pure silk.

£ 162

ITEM m6 Compression Tights “Tights Fine Translucent”

As fine and sheer as black compression tights can be. “Tights Fine Translucent” by ITEM m6.

e. g. Up to 169cm (5.5 ft)
£ 45

Lingerie by Louisa Bracq Paris

The finest French embroidered lingerie by Louisa Bracq, Paris. A rarity outside of France.

e. g. Briefs
£ 45

SeaCell® feel-good underwear

Protects and cares for the skin when worn: SeaCell® feel-good underwear with seaweed. Exclusively by Speidel.

e. g. Briefs
£ 9.90

NOVILA Checked Flannel Pyjamas

These pyjamas make a good impression in the morning.

£ 119

Exilia Lace Body

Seductive AND stylish lingerie. Distinctly luxurious. By Italian lingerie brand Exilia.

£ 179

Pluto Velour Lounge Suit

Velvety soft velour – brilliantly coloured with added viscose for a silky sheen.

£ 229

Silk Travel Dressing Gown

Packed in a space-saving silk bag – ideal for travelling.

£ 99

Wandering Love by Aubade

Wandering Love by Aubade: Lingerie from Paris for everyday life. Comfortable fit.

e. g. Push-up Bra
£ 75
Now £ 49

Framsohn Hammam Bathrobe

As absorbent as towelling. But much finer and lighter. The bathrobe made from the fabric of hammam towels.

£ 63

Shapewear NILIT® Breeze

A beautiful figure without heat build-up: Light shapewear with ventilation zones.

e. g. Bustier
£ 23

Pluto Lace Bathrobe

As practical as a comfortable bathrobe. As elegant as a feminine dressing gown. From lingerie specialist Pluto.

£ 165

Pluto Summer Pyjamas

Much more elegant and dressy than conventional women’s pyjamas. Feminine instead of unisex.

£ 165

Zimmerli Lace Top

Too pretty to hide under clothes. A delicate top with St. Gallen lace. By Zimmerli.

£ 125

Anita Bra with lace Insert

Your safeguard against an all too deep décolletage and a comfortable alternative to an often annoying vest.

£ 24

French embroidered lingerie by Louisa Bracq

The finest French embroidered lingerie by Louisa Bracq, Paris. A rarity outside of France.

e. g. Boyshorts
£ 45

Shaping Summer Body

Gently shaping and wonderfully lightweight and airy. Shaping body made from breathable, woven mesh fabric.

£ 45

Triumph Bra Top

Sexy, shaping and very comfortable. The bra top made of silky soft microfibre.

£ 35

Double faced summer knitwear by [schi]ess

Cool linen on the outside. Soft organic cotton on the inside. Double faced summer knitwear by [schi]ess.

e. g. Top
£ 145

Novila Checked Pyjamas

Pyjamas that make a good first impression every morning.

£ 119

Pluto Lightweight Towelling Leisure Suit

About one third lighter than others: The leisure suit made of lightweight towelling cloth. By Pluto.

£ 179

Seamless Cashmere Top or Panties

Beautiful womens’ little secret. Extremely soft and snug: Seamless shaping underwear with cashmere.

e. g. Panties
£ 16.90

24-Hour Velours Dress

Extreme comfort. Outstanding versatility. Pleasantly affordable.

£ 65

Wacoal Soft-Shape Dress

New generation shapewear: Softer, lighter and hardly noticeable.

£ 69

Charmor Fleece Loungewear

Much better than pure synthetic fibre: Rare, silky-soft viscose fleece. Cuddly soft. Anti-static. Crease-free.

£ 85

Charmor Haute-Couture Pyjamas

Utterly feminine. Elegant. Extremely soft and silky. Also affordable.

£ 59

Stonewashed Hoody, Shirt or Jersey Trousers

Piece-dyed and stone washed: Each suit is unique.

e. g. Shirt
£ 45

MicroModal® Couture Pyjamas

Night time couture chic. Pyjamas made from silky soft and durably beautiful MicroModal®.

£ 169

Big Shirt

As chic as silk. As skin-friendly as cotton: The elegant big shirt for a good night’s sleep.

£ 55

Modern Loungewear Suit

Modern loungewear – contemporary in both cut and blend of materials.

£ 159

Exilia Modal Lace Bra or Briefs

Seductively beautiful, incomparably soft and particularly skin-friendly.

e. g. Briefs
£ 69
Now £ 45

Taubert Lightweight Bathrobe

A soft towelling bathrobe, but it can be folded to a compact size and weighs only 740g (26.1 oz).

e. g. Men
£ 57

Hunter Boot Socks

Stylish fleece socks by Hunter: A warm upgrade for your wellingtons. By the makers of the legendary boots.

£ 29
Now £ 22

Item M6 Thermal Compression Tights

Invisible compression support, now also nice and warm for the winter.

e. g. Up to 169 cm
£ 55

Anita Sports Bra or Hipster pants “Air Control”

Light and soft like a T-shirt bra.Supporting like a high-impact sports bra.

e. g. Hipster Pants
£ 24

Wacoal High Waist Shaping Briefs

High waist briefs by Japanese underwear specialists Wacoal, the only manufacturer of assembled shapewear.

£ 69

After Eden Bandeau Bra or Boxer Briefs

Moulded soft cups & underwiring hidden behind elegant lace.

e. g. Boxer Briefs
£ 17

Double-faced Bathrobe

Silky microfibre suede on the outside and absorbent towelling on the inside.

£ 75

Taubert Sauna Sarong

No more accidental falling open: The slip-proof sauna sarong with three fasteners.

£ 35

Hanro Bra with Spacer Cups or Tulle Hipster Brief

Ultra-soft, ultra-light and very breathable.

e. g. Tulle Hipster Brief
£ 38

Zimmerli Basic underwear, Women

Made of the finest pima cotton.

e. g. Tank Top
£ 49
Now £ 35

NOVILA Raspberry Rose Pyjama

The pyjamas for a first good impression in the morning.

£ 99

Anita Sports Bra

Perfect for sport. Also perfect for every day.

£ 35


Avoid uncomfortable thigh chafing.

e. g. Unisex
£ 19.90

Cornelie Weiss Loungewear Suit

Perfect for the summer – white loungewear in an airy blend of cotton and modal piqué.

£ 159

Charmor Dressing Gown “Floral Beauty”

Uniquely stylish and yet surprisingly uncomplicated. Made from soft, comfortable cotton and modal.

£ 99
Now £ 69
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