Lingerie, Nightwear & Loungewear

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Pluto Couture Style Pyjamas

A couture example of pyjamas. Incredibly feminine and elegant. From Belgian lingerie specialist Pluto.

£ 149

Wandering Love by Aubade

Wandering Love by Aubade: Lingerie from Paris for everyday life. Comfortable fit.

e. g. Briefs
£ 55

Framsohn Hammam Bathrobe

As absorbent as towelling. But much finer and lighter. The bathrobe made from the fabric of hammam towels.

£ 63

Shapewear NILIT® Breeze

A beautiful figure without heat build-up: Light shapewear with ventilation zones.

e. g. Bustier
£ 23

Pluto Lace Bathrobe

As practical as a comfortable bathrobe. As elegant as a feminine dressing gown. From lingerie specialist Pluto.

£ 165

Pluto Summer Pyjamas

Much more elegant and dressy than conventional women’s pyjamas. Feminine instead of unisex.

£ 165

Zimmerli Lace Top

Too pretty to hide under clothes. A delicate top with St. Gallen lace. By Zimmerli.

£ 125

Anita Bra with lace Insert

Your safeguard against an all too deep décolletage and a comfortable alternative to an often annoying vest.

£ 24

French embroidered lingerie by Louisa Bracq

The finest French embroidered lingerie by Louisa Bracq, Paris. A rarity outside of France.

e. g. Plunge Bra
£ 77

Shaping Summer Body

Gently shaping and wonderfully lightweight and airy. Shaping body made from breathable, woven mesh fabric.

£ 45

Hanro Dip-Dye Pyjamas

Pyjamas inspired by the latest catwalk trends. By Hanro.

£ 229

Triumph Bra Top

Sexy, shaping and very comfortable. The bra top made of silky soft microfibre.

£ 35

Double faced summer knitwear by [schi]ess

Cool linen on the outside. Soft organic cotton on the inside. Double faced summer knitwear by [schi]ess.

e. g. Top
£ 145

Novila Checked Pyjamas

Pyjamas that make a good first impression every morning.

£ 119

Pluto Lightweight Towelling Leisure Suit

About one third lighter than others: The leisure suit made of lightweight towelling cloth. By Pluto.

£ 179

Seamless Cashmere Top or Panties

Beautiful womens’ little secret. Extremely soft and snug: Seamless shaping underwear with cashmere.

e. g. Panties
£ 16.90

24-Hour Velours Dress

Extreme comfort. Outstanding versatility. Pleasantly affordable.

£ 60

Wacoal Soft-Shape Dress

New generation shapewear: Softer, lighter and hardly noticeable.

£ 69

Charmor Fleece Loungewear

Much better than pure synthetic fibre: Rare, silky-soft viscose fleece. Cuddly soft. Anti-static. Crease-free.

£ 85

Charmor Haute-Couture Pyjamas

Utterly feminine. Elegant. Extremely soft and silky. Also affordable.

£ 59

Stonewashed Hoody, Shirt or Jersey Trousers

Piece-dyed and stone washed: Each suit is unique.

e. g. Shirt
£ 45

MicroModal® Couture Pyjamas

Night time couture chic. Pyjamas made from silky soft and durably beautiful MicroModal®.

£ 169

Big Shirt

As chic as silk. As skin-friendly as cotton: The elegant big shirt for a good night’s sleep.

£ 55

Modern Loungewear Suit

Modern loungewear – contemporary in both cut and blend of materials.

£ 159

Exilia Modal Lace Bra or Briefs

Seductively beautiful, incomparably soft and particularly skin-friendly.

e. g. Briefs
£ 69

Taubert Lightweight Bathrobe

A soft towelling bathrobe, but it can be folded to a compact size and weighs only 740g (26.1 oz).

e. g. Men
£ 57

Hunter Boot Socks

Stylish fleece socks by Hunter: A warm upgrade for your wellingtons. By the makers of the legendary boots.

£ 29

Item M6 Thermal Compression Tights

Invisible compression support, now also nice and warm for the winter.

e. g. Up to 169 cm
£ 55

Anita Sports Bra or Hipster pants “Air Control”

Light and soft like a T-shirt bra.Supporting like a high-impact sports bra.

e. g. Hipster Pants
£ 24

Wacoal High Waist Shaping Briefs

High waist briefs by Japanese underwear specialists Wacoal, the only manufacturer of assembled shapewear.

£ 69

After Eden Bandeau Bra or Boxer Briefs

Moulded soft cups & underwiring hidden behind elegant lace.

e. g. Boxer Briefs
£ 17

Double-faced Bathrobe

Silky microfibre suede on the outside and absorbent towelling on the inside.

£ 75

Taubert Sauna Sarong

No more accidental falling open: The slip-proof sauna sarong with three fasteners.

£ 35

Hanro Bra with Spacer Cups or Tulle Hipster Brief

Ultra-soft, ultra-light and very breathable.

e. g. Tulle Hipster Brief
£ 38

Zimmerli Basic underwear, Women

Made of the finest pima cotton.

e. g. Tank Top
£ 49
Now £ 35

NOVILA Raspberry Rose Pyjama

The pyjamas for a first good impression in the morning.

£ 99

Tatà Pyjamas

An exquisite combination: Soft MicroModal® top + silky trousers made of viscose.

£ 149

Anita Sports Bra

Perfect for sport. Also perfect for every day.

£ 35


Avoid uncomfortable thigh chafing.

e. g. Unisex
£ 19.90

Cornelie Weiss Loungewear Suit

Perfect for the summer – white loungewear in an airy blend of cotton and modal piqué.

£ 159

Wonderbra® Bandeau Lace Bra or Lace Briefs

Strapless shaping bra.

e. g. Briefs
£ 21.90

Pluto Knitted Leisurewear

Unusually elegant leisurewear.

£ 79

Charmor Dressing Gown “Floral Beauty”

Uniquely stylish and yet surprisingly uncomplicated. Made from soft, comfortable cotton and modal.

£ 99

Triumph shaping top

A flat tummy and full ­décolleté: Shaping in all the right places. Top by Triumph.

£ 33

Exilia Lace Body

Seductive AND stylish lingerie. Distinctly luxurious.

£ 179

NOVILA Vichy Check Flannel Pyjamas

Pyjamas that make a good first impression every morning.

£ 109
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