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van Laack Blouse with Stand-up Collar

Stand-up collar. Concealed button facing. Embellished plastron. By blouse specialist van Laack.

£ 169

Strenesse Shirt Style Blouse

As elegant as a blouse. As comfortable as a shirt. Stylish mix of jersey and satin. By Strenesse.

£ 259

KD-Klaus Dilkrath Jersey Blouse, red/black

As elegant as a blouse. As comfortable as a shirt. From KD-Klaus Dilkrath.

£ 60

van Laack Blouse Collar

Perfect under narrow sweaters: The “trickery” by van Laack. Elegant blouse look, nothing makes you look larger.

£ 55

Cacharel Velvet Blouse

Rarely is a black blouse so elegant and at the same time so unusual.

£ 179

Sly 010 Stretch Silk Blouse

Fashionable blouse with stand-up collar made of hardwearing stretch silk. By Sly 010.

£ 269

Ruby Yaya Hippy Style Blouse or Ethnic Palazzo Trousers

Elegant hippy-ethnic look from international trend label Ruby Yaya. And yet still affordable.

e. g. Style Blouse
£ 119

Rosemunde Copenhagen Lace Blouse, Ivory

The appearance of a blouse. The comfort of a T-shirt. Scandinavian design by Rosemunde Copenhagen.

£ 135
Now £ 89

Strenesse Silk Shirt Style Blouse

As casual as a shirt, as elegant as a blouse: The silk boxy style blouse by Strenesse.

£ 279

true nyc® Tunic or Stretch Jeans “Raw Denim”

Timelessly modern: The casual, elegant style of the Italian label true nyc®.

e. g. Tunic
£ 139

Barbara Schwarzer Silk Long Blouse

Real silk instead of synthetic fibres: A luxurious version of the fashionable long blouse. By BarbaraSchwarzer,

£ 235

van Laack Oversized Blouse

On-trend oversized blouse – amazingly feminine and elegant. By van Laack, since 1881.

£ 99

Pleated Virgin Wool Blouse

Crease-resistant virgin wool fabric. Sophisticated pleats. A unique garment amongst business blouses.

£ 249

KD-Klaus Dilkrath Jersey Blouse

As elegant as a blouse. As comfortable as a shirt.

£ 65

Silk Tunic Top

A rare treasure made of 95% silk: A luxurious basic top with a lustrous sheen.

£ 89

Strenesse Silk Blouse or Skirt “Black & White”

It’s often hard to find such a perfectly matching fashion combination. Trendy minimalistic pattern mix.

e. g. Skirt
£ 199

Tencel® Long Blouse

The long blouse made from rare Tencel® jersey. As comfortable as a shirt. As elegant as a blouse.

£ 89

Non-Iron Crushed Silk Blouse

Space-saving lightweight that fits easily in a suitcase and weighs only 86g (30oz).

£ 119

van Laack Stretch Silk Wrap-Over Blouse

A premium silk blouse is stretchy, a premium wrap-over blouse stays in place.

£ 219
Now £ 129

Swiss+cotton Long Blouse

A rare combination – fashionable design and high quality fabric.

£ 59

van Laack High Collar Blouse

A true classic – yet so hard to find. Perfect with any jacket. By van Laack, Germany’s blouse specialists.

Starting at £ 129

Aigle Fashion Functional Blouse

A functional outdoor blouse can be this casual. Dry-fast fabric with UV protection: Light, airy, quick to dry.

£ 70

Embroidered Cambric Blouse

Never iron it – please!

£ 99

van Laack Basic Blouse “Cup Sizes”

Perfect fit in bust and waist. Thanks to 3 different “cup” sizes.

£ 149

Albini Linen Roll-Up Blouse

At long last an airy linen blouse that’s smart and not too casual for the office.

£ 109
Now £ 69

Saint James T-Shirt Blouse

As stylish as a blouse – yet as versatile and low maintenance as a T-shirt.

Starting at £ 75
Now Starting at £ 49

Crash Blouse “Easycare”

Crashed fabric: Probably the most fuss-free white blouse you’ll ever own.

£ 109