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3D Necklace or 3D Ring

Silver jewellery in lattice design with a gold coloured lustre.

e. g. Ring
Now £209

“Faux Leather” Janice & Jo Leggings

Deceptively genuine leather look, perfect fit and great price.


Chain Necklace or Bracelet

Elegant version of the popular sterling silver chain necklace, impressive in size and weight.

e. g. Bracelet
Now £129

Hanro Sea Island Pyjamas

Pure luxury: Pyjamas made from the best type of cotton in the world.

Now £179

Norwegian Pullover “Glittertind” for women or men

Developed for an expedition to the South Pole: Water-repellent, windproof and breathable.

e. g. Women
Now £229

Blazer Top

You’ll often wear this easy-care top instead of a blouse.

Starting at £35
Now Starting at £25

Double Sided Loungewear

Takes up less room in your luggage and adds more variety – the loungewear with reversible jacket.

Now £85

Inis Meáin Linen Boatbuilder

Airier and more feminine than its traditional counterparts: Pure linen boatbuilder jumper.

Now £119

Fracas de Robert Piguet Eau de Parfum

A perfume of global acclaim rediscovered. Delightfully unchanged since 1947, though difficult to find today.

Now £59
Price per 100ml £118

Avigail Adam Hair Comb or Goddess Crown

Trendy hair accessory – and versatile styling aid. 24ct gold plated. Flowers and leaves hammered by hand.

e. g. Hair Comb
Now £49

alpi Mixed Pattern Double-Face Scarf

Mix of patterns – superbly understated, stylish and versatile.

Now £29

Triumph Bra Top

Sexy, shaping and very comfortable. The bra top made of silky soft microfibre.

Starting at £35
Now Starting at £25

[espadrij] Women’s or Men's Espadrilles

When you opt for espadrilles, choose the original. Hand-sewn instead of mass-produced.

e. g. Women
Now £19

Modern Loungewear Suit

Modern loungewear – contemporary in both cut and blend of materials.

Now £109

Shelley Komarov Travel-Shirt “Pleated”

Effortlessly well dressed. Comfortable, easy-care yet elegant.

Starting at £169
Now Starting at £119

Brittany Top, Microfibre

The favourite top from Saint James for over 13 years. The Brittany top made from Meryl®.

Starting at £69
Now Starting at £49

Corgi Socks, Set of 3

Socks as a gift? Not really. Except socks from Corgi. British chic.

e. g. “London Buses”
Now £45

Oroblu Colour-Tights

Opaque tights in versatile colours – and also in black. Top quality by Oroblu of Italy.

Starting at £13
Now Starting at £9

Crocs™ Beach Flips

Finally – a beach flipflop with a comfortable footbed. Superbly soft. Gently cushioning and incredibly light.

Now £12

Vilebrequin Father and Son Swim Shorts

There are ordinary swim shorts ... and there are these classics by Vilebrequin, St. Tropez.

e. g. Small Boy
Starting at £80
Now Starting at £55

Tretorn Folding Rubber Boots

The rubber boots for on the go. 100% waterproof. Flexible. Lightweight. And even foldable. By Tretorn.

Now £49

RIA Anniversary Avarcas for Women or Children

The original Avarcas by RIA – now in a wonderfully decorated anniversary edition. For mother and daughter.

e. g. Children
Now £49

Circolo Linen Jersey Sports Jacket

Breathe and move more freely: A summer sports jacket with added comfort. From Circolo 1901, Italy.

Now £119

Alan Paine Cashmere Anniversary Cardigan

This 6-ply luxury cardigan contains the hair of 4 cashmere goats. By Alan Paine and Z. Hinchliffe & Sons.

Now £269

Saint James T-Shirt Blouse

As stylish as a blouse – yet as versatile and low maintenance as a T-shirt.

Starting at £75
Now Starting at £49

Anita Sports Bra or Hipster pants “Air Control”

Light and soft like a T-shirt bra.Supporting like a high-impact sports bra.

e. g. Hipster Pants

Airy Shawl

Your finest, most delicate shawl weighs a mere 0.7oz, is soft and even keeps you warm.

Now £29

Alpaca Travel Pullover, women

Your most important travelling companion. A pullover weighing only 7oz.


B. Moss Cord Trousers

Velvety soft and hardwearing: The classic cords from Brisbane Moss just stay beautiful longer.


La Perla Pearl Tights

Elegant and unusual black tights. Featuring Swarovski® beads all-over.

Now £69

Lagerfeld Calfskin Leather Sandals

The stylish way to wear sandals. Clean Lagerfeld design. Sleek black. Elegant calfskin leather.

Now £79

Handbag Pullover V-Neck

It doesn’t get any finer. These featherweight pullovers by John Smedley fit into every handbag.

Starting at £129
Now Starting at £89

30°C Stretch Jeans

Now perfect for hot summer weather too. With 2% elastane for 100% more comfort.

Starting at £69
Now Starting at £49

Slimming “Ornamental Lilac”

Slimmer looking thanks to Lycra®. Visibly flattering thanks to the clever pattern and cut.

Now £49

Alan Paine Merino Wool V-Neck or Round-Neck Pullover

Incredibly soft and practically pill-free.

e. g. V-Neck Pullover
Starting at £80
Now Starting at £55

Ash Sheepskin Sneaker Boots

100% fashionable. 100% suited to winter. The sheepskin boots by Ash.

Starting at £169
Now Starting at £109

Carl Gross Premium Linen Sports Jacket

The airiness and comfort of linen – now finally without creases. Summer sports jacket by Bottoli, Italy.

Now £189

kidneykaren Kidney Warmer

The first kidney warmer featured in fashion magazines.


Swims Chino Swimming Shorts

These swimming shorts are very soft, light as a feather to wear and quick to dry.

Now £69

Exilia Modal Lace Bra or Briefs

Seductively beautiful, incomparably soft and particularly skin-friendly.

e. g. Briefs
Now £45

Hanro Pyjama “Perfect blend”

Perfect pyjama combination: Incomparably soft top in MicroModal + cuddly bottoms in cotton flannelette.

Now £115

30-Gauge Beanie, Long Gloves or Doubled Shawl

You’ll hardly find finer knit accessories. 30-gauge merino fine knit. No bothersome seams. By John Smedley.

e. g. Long Gloves
Now £29

Bogner Fire + Ice Down Skirt

Frost protection for winter sports. An eye-catcher for everyday outfits.

Now £119

Craghoppers Men's Traveller’s Waistcoat

The perfect traveller’s waistcoat: With loads of storage space, yet surprisingly slimline. By Craghoppers.

Now £79

Lizard® Waterproof Urban Boots

As waterproof as rubber boots. As breathable as leather shoes. As lightweight as trainers. From Lizard®.

Starting at £129
Now Starting at £89

Heartbreaker Cashmere Pullover “Winter’s Tale”

The luxurious version of fashionable Christmas pullovers. 100% cashmere. Hand-embellished. By Heartbreaker.

Now £279
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