Alessi Decorative Baubles Fleurs de Jori

Homage to one of the most famous goldsmiths of the 19th century.

Homage to one of the most famous goldsmiths of the 19th century.

Artfully hand-decorated porcelain baubles: Alessi’s Christmas version of the legendary design. Always a unique piece.

At Easter, it was a tradition at the court of Petersburg that the tsar presented his spouse with flamboyant eggs made of gold, fine enamel, pearls and gemstones from a famous jeweller. To honour these precious items, Alessi commissioned one of the best Italian designers to create these Christmas baubles. Called Fleurs de Jori, they convey the harmony between the antique treasures and a new, modern design language.
12 different bauble motifs, by Italian star designer Marcello Jori.
Each bauble is handmade of porcelain. When heated to approx. 900°C, porcelain obtains an iridescent, hard surface which is especially durable. Luminous as though made of enamel, the colours come to life brilliantly. A lavish paint application ornately accentuates even fine reliefs. Thanks to a small fraction of real gold (10%), the gold-plated varnish obtains depth and intensity. With a great love for detail, the ornaments are elaborately decorated and painted by hand.
Enchanting tributes to fairy tales, literature, music and theatre pieces.
The chick Pulcino peeks out from the colourfully dotted, white porcelain bowl. The mysterious tree of love could have come from a Christmas fairy tale. A warm hug as a sign of love. The white/red/silver-coloured Montgolfier wants to go around the world in 80 days. The bees form an elegant roundelay in white, red and gold on a turquoise back­ground. The ladybird king glows with red, black, white and gold. Also the majestic swans are designed with great attention to detail. A large, multi-­coloured ring adorns the engagement. The whale swims in the deep blue sea with colourful fish. Rosy hues enliven the heart. The sailor cheerfully sails around the blue planet. Size varies per motif up to 7.5cm (3") in diameter and 10.5cm (4.1") H. Weight each 150g – 250g (5.3 oz– 8.8 oz). Wash by hand. Swan, whale and sailor can also be securely stood upright with the base ring.

Pulcino, 9,5 x 5,2 cm (3.7" x 2") (H x diameter).
Tree of Love*, 16 x 12 cm (6.3" x 4.7") (H x diameter).
Love*, 14 x 7cm (5.5" x 2.7") (H x diameter).
Ladybird King, 8 x 6 cm (3.1" x 2.4“) (H x diameter).
Swan (Motif 1), 10,5 x 7,4 cm (4.1" x 2.9") (H x diameter).
Swan (Motif 2)*, 7 x 12cm (2.7" x 4.7") (H x diameter).
Montgolfier, 12,5 x 7,2 cm (4.9" x 2.8") (H x diameter).
Bees, 6,5 x 6 cm (2.6" x 2.4") (H x diameter).
Engagement, 8 x 7,2 cm (3.1" x 2.8") (H x diameter).
Whale, 10,5 x 5 cm (4.1" x 2") (H x diameter).
Heart, 12 x 7,5 cm (4.7" x 3") (H x diameter).
Sailor, 8 x 7,2 cm (3.1" x 2.8") (H x diameter).

*Exclusively to place on furniture decoratively.
Sailor, 8 x 7,2 cm (3.1" x 2.8") (H x diameter)


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