As chic as silk. As skin-friendly as cotton: The elegant big shirt for a good night’s sleep.

Only £59. With travel case.

Pure silk nightwear is very chic and feminine. However, not everyone likes the smooth feeling against their skin. With this big shirt, there is no need to compromise. The outer layer is made of silk and cotton with alternate glossy and matte stripes. On the inside, only soft cotton touches your skin. This makes the shirt look wonderfully feminine while you can still enjoy the feel of soft cotton, which also ensures a pleasantly dry skin at night due to its moisture-absorbing properties.

Cut as an oversized men’s shirt with breast pocket and cuffs. With wide inverted pleat at the back to provide ease of wear. Comes in a space-saving silk case. 55% silk, 45% cotton. Hand wash only. Colour: Off white.


By Ros P. on 26.12.2017

Silk nightshirt.

This 'nightshirt' was of poor quality silk, . I had previously bought this number about a year or so ago and the creasing of this article was ridiculous. It was such that it looked like a piece of rag. I have not worn it. I had not realised the one I purchased this year for my daughter was exactly the same. The description given on your online advertisement certainly painted a different picture to that of the reality of the article bought. Please refund my money .. I returned this before Christmas. Thank you. R PAlmer

Pro-Idee Internet Editors: Thank you very much for your opinion on this item. We will be happy to receive your return for a full refund.