Seductive Galon Trousers “Blended Wool”

From the Pro-Idee Special Shop Fashion Classics
  • No creasing, bagginess or unsightly pilling.
  • A perfect, contemporary fit.

The appearance of classic cloth trousers. Yet far more simple, thanks to “Blended Wool”.

Soft, won’t chafe, comfortably elastic, hardwearing and machine washable.

Wooly cloth look in mottled grey. Modern Galon Strip. Featuring sharp creases which make them look like an elegant pair of business trousers. Yet they are as comfortable as loungewear. Plus they are soft and comfy, won’t chafe and are hardwearing – properties not found with pure wool.
No creasing, bagginess or unsightly pilling.
Whether you’re caught up in a marathon meeting or taking a long-haul flight – you’ll always look well-­groomed. And instead of requiring expensive dry-cleaning, these trousers can be simply machine washed.
A perfect, contemporary fit.
Along with experts from trouser specialists Schera, designer Catrin Leiber has spent so much time refining the cut of her Seductive Collection that it really is beyond compare. The trouser brand is now one of the most sought-after on the market – but is only available in selected stores. Two French side pockets, two piped back pockets with button fastening and a small, decorative coin pocket.

Slim flat-front style. Inseam in size 10: 68cm (26.7"). Leg width at hem: 31cm (12.2"). Colour: Mottled grey with sand-colored galon stripes. 62% polyester, 26% viscose, 9% wool, 3% elastane. Machine washable.


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