Sleep better – with lovely warm feet.

Sleep better – with lovely warm feet.

These bedsocks, with their 4.2 oz half down filling, guarantee instant warmth and comfort.

Scientific research has shown that cold feet make it difficult to get to sleep. With these fleecy soft bedsocks you will feel lovely and warm from your calves to the tips of your toes, so you will fall asleep faster and more comfortably.
Manufactured according to the same high standards as the most expensive down quilts.
The soft white fabric of the cover is a high-quality, very finely woven cotton batiste, pleasantly airy and at the same time downproof. It is filled with a wonderfully light, soft mixture of 60% soft down and 40% fine feathers to pamper your feet and conserve the maximum amount of heat. The 15cm (6") high shaft also envelops your ankles and keeps them cosy.
The velours leather sole smoothly envelops your feet to ensure you don't slip and fall if you need to get up at night. Perfect as slippers, too. Machine wash up to 30°C. Dry cleaning recommended. Uppers: 100% cotton. Filling: 120g (4.2 oz) half down. Leather sole. Weight: 310g (11 oz).

Cold feet make it difficult to get to sleep.

A team of scientists led by Kurt Kräuchi at the Basle University Hospital Psychiatric Clinic Switzerland* has discovered that people with warm feet suffer fewer sleep disturbances than those who have cold feet in bed. Chronobiologists invited 18 volunteers to the sleep laboratory for tests and measured the temperature of their feet and on the surface of their torso. The result: On average, test subjects with warm feet took 10 minutes to fall asleep. However, if their feet, at a temperature of 31°C, were significantly colder than their torso, they stayed awake around 23 minutes longer.
*(Apotheken Umschau magazine, 4/2000 ed. / a pharmacential magazine in Germany)


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