Casanova Ballerina Pumps

From the Pro-Idee Special Shop Fashion Classics

A particularly elegant way to wear flat shoes.

Sensationally comfortable and chic. Made by Casanova/Italy since 1949.

Ballerina pumps have always been a particularly elegant way to wear flat shoes. Particularly when they are as soft, comfortable and easy to mix and match as these pumps from the specialist Casanova in Milan. Casanova has almost exclusively been making ballerina pumps for over 70 years, and you will feel the benefit of this expertise with every step you take.
Made using the finest “sacchetto” technique.
The soft leather lining is durably sewn to the upper and forms a little pouch (“sacchetto”) which replaces the insole at the front of the shoe. This makes the ballerina pumps extremely flexible, with the ease of traditional moccasins. In cream/black and in cream/cream with an elegant patent leather toe.

Timelessly fashionable with classic ballerina bow and small top-stitched trim. Uppers, lining, insole and outsole: Leather. Exclusive to Fashion Classics.



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