Avarcas de Menorca

From the Pro-Idee Special Shop Fashion Classics

The traditional Menorcan sandal: Handmade. Ideal for even the hottest summer.

Original Avarcas by RIA.

This sandal is typical of the summer shoes worn on the Balearic Islands. It was originally designed to suit the warm climate and the dry, rocky terrain on the archipelago. Even though pleasantly light and airy, the sandals have a good grip and keep you steady on your feet. And while many manufacturers in the Far East now produce cheap shoes that look quite similar, this sandal is still hand­made on Menorca.
Made of robust Spanish cowhide.
The third generation of the family-owned RIA is now making traditional Avarcas. The Menorcan company was the first to have these original “Avarcas de Menorca” certified by the island’s designated authorities. Today’s range of trendy colours makes this classic sandal appealing even to the fashion-conscious.
Well ventilated and still becoming.
The discreet toe opening allows fresh air to cool your feet while your toes remain suitably covered and your foot largely protected from the sun. The sling back strap is made in one piece so it fits without pressure points.
White, 2.5cm thick (1") contrasting sole with wavy texture and jute midsole.

Upper and insole: Leather. Outsole: Rubber. Colour: Beige.



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