NASA technology: 100% UV protection. But still rich in contrast and high in definition.

Far more elegant than sporty looking pilot sunglasses thanks to the trendy 50s style retro design.

Astronauts in space are exposed to extremely strong radiation from the sun. To develop these sunglasses, NASA turned to nature and found the solution: The eagle’s eyes – famous for their legendary visual acuity, particularly in bright light. This is how these sunglasses came to be which offer the ultimate in protection and visual acuity at the same time. While the darker glasses of conventional sunglasses randomly block a large range of useful light, the vision-enhancing green, yellow, orange and red lights are able to pass through these amber-coloured glasses. The result: A pleasantly tinted view in sharp detail and rich contrast. Even in extremely bright sunlight and over large distances. Without squinting.
The patented TriLenium Gold™ lenses are the only sunglasses certified by the renowned U.S. Space Foundation.
A triple-layer UV filter is enclosed between 2 separate wafer-thin lenses. Neither harmful UVB rays in the wavelength range of 280 to 315 nm nor UVA rays in the wavelength range of 315 to 400 nm are able to get through. Even harmful blue rays which diminish vision are reliably reduced.
You will see details better and faster .
The built-in triple-layer polarising film reduces glare and reflections caused by sunlight flashing on wet roads, water and metal surfaces. Plus it increases contrast and enhances vision – and your eyes won’t tire as quickly.
Don't confuse this product with sunglasses which look similar from far away.
These sunglasses come with extensive protection: Scratch-resistant and shockproof, antistatic, dirt, water, grease and even saltwater repellent. Handmade elegant plastic frame in a tortoise-shell look. Wonderfully comfortable: 27.5g (0.9 oz) much lighter than many other sunglasses. With practical case and cloth pouch. Size 14 x 4cm (5 1⁄2" x 1 2⁄3") (W x H). Exclusive to Pro-Idee.

Who could know more about best eye protection against UV rays than American astronauts?

“I have worn the EAGLE EYES® brand for over ten years and depend upon their superb UV eye protection, glare reduction and vision enhancement capabilities.”
Walter Cunningham, Apollo-7 astronaut (Eagle Eyes Optics, press release, June 2009).

Eagle and hawk eyes in particular are perfectly protected against harmful rays.

The trick: Droplets of oil stored in the eyes filter out harmful rays. But these birds of prey are still able to focus on even the tiniest of prey over great distances with incredible precision.

In contrast to simple sunglasses which mainly darken vision considerably, you’ll see …


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