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Sports & Leisure Products

Sports & Leisure Products



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Shoe size

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  • Avora Life
  • BioLite
  • Breo
  • Brisa
  • Buff®
  • Bungypump
  • Chili-feet
  • David Fussenegger
  • Flip-Box
  • Gato Sports
  • Gilde
  • It's running
  • Jan Kurtz
  • Kanguru
  • kh-security
  • Knirps
  • Komperdell
  • leguano
  • LifeStraw®
  • Livall
  • Noxxiez
  • Outchair
  • Pininfarina
  • Porsche
  • Printworks
  • Remember
  • Runlock
  • Rywan
  • Slashpipe
  • Sondergut
  • Stryve
  • Thrings
  • Troika
  • Twinkle Kid
  • uvex


  • cotton
  • leather
  • polyester
  • polyurethane


£ £

The lightweight among extra-large umbrellas and parasols.


Ideal gift: Enchanting rag dolls that hold a soft flannel blanket.

e. g. King

Pleasant kneading massage like from a masseur. At your desk, while travelling, in the shower, etc.

Sold out

Percussion therapy: The secret to the success of many top US athletes – now available to everyone.


The design version of the popular beach bat and ball classic. Carefully handmade in Spain.


Spectacular focal point in the garden, on the terrace, by the pool, ...


As healthy and relaxing as walking barefoot – now in a sporty style.


Original leguano® barefoot pleasure – now in trendy high-top sneakers. Handmade in Germany.


Daily pleasure: It will bring you closer to your dream car in 24 steps.


This enchanting Christmas dog will capture every heart with its song.


Cuddly animal, hand warmer and cuddly pillow in one.

e. g. Sheep

The immobiliser with 120dB alarm.


Smart, stylish, safe. With hands-free kit and Bluetooth remote.

e. g. BH51M Neo, Size M

The knitted beanie effect is secured and cool. Easily visible in the dark, thanks to bright reflector fibres.


Healthy sitting can be this stylish.


Turns kinetic energy into heat with each step. Swiss quality product.

e. g. 3mm Pair

Keeps ice-cold over 26 litres of beverages. Officially licensed by VW.


Day and night in artistic photographic images. And quite tricky, with 500 pieces each.

e. g. Dawn

Decoration object? Skill game? Both.


It stays put perfectly! Perfect for many fitness machines.


Train more effectively thanks to patented spring resistance.


Ideal for cycling, jogging, hiking, going for a walk, on the way to school, etc. in the dark.

Sold out

69g lightweight (2.43 oz). 9mm flat (0.35“). And as comfortable as a normal headband.

Sold out

Your comfy garden chair is now even more comfortable – with cosy heat in a choice of 3 temperatures.

e. g. Heated Garden Chair Pad
Sold out

The luxurious waistcoat for true globetrotters. Made of soft lamb nubuck leather.

Sold out

Fans around the globe love her – at Easter and all year round.


Natural evaporation ensures a cool head.


Rarely is rainwear so chic and feminine.

Sold out

Clean water within seconds. Fits in all backpacks and pockets.


Just pull it on: With an enchanting butterfly or dragon motif – warm and cuddly.


Wonderful design, technology and function. Typical Pininfarina.


Ingenious spiral shape with patented ring-in-ring technology.


Perfect for runners, walkers, cyclists and skiers,...


Ingenious sandals for relaxed toes and perfectly varnished nails.


Ingenious loop rope – makes knots redundant. A tool for 1001 situations.

Sold out

Softly padded, with 5-fold adjustable backrest and hardwearing textile cover.


The classic ancient Chinese puzzle game. Now for a social get-together too. For up to 4 players. With 200 patterns plus solution.


360° protection for the whole body. Awarded the ISPO Gold Award 2017.

e. g. Boys

Chic and practical rain protection that’s easy to wear under or over your coat or jacket.


With storage compartment and cushioned interior. Great fun on the go.


Always have a cosy fleece hoodie on hand.


Ultrafine. Ultralight. Ultra strong.

e. g. Ankle high; Size: 35-37

Splendid to read in bed, on long-haul flights, railway journeys. Keeps both hands free.


A fitness innovation. For an effective full-body workout based on the chaos principle.

e. g. SLASHPIPE® Fit

Take your shoes on and off without having to tie your laces. Successfully tested by professional athletes.

e. g. ”Sport“ (3mm thick, 75cm long); Colour: Black

Always close at hand: The accurate fill level indicator. Determines in seconds how much is left.


A stylish backgammon board in soft suede. Perfect for every journey.


Now more versatile & diverse than the traditional version. Playable anywhere - both indoors and out.

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