28 oz Reindeer Leather Jacket

From the Pro-Idee Special Shop Fashion Classics
  • Protects perfectly against moisture.
  • The natural shade of leather is easy to combine.

A mere 28 ounces: Rare reindeer calf nappa – silky soft and yet surprisingly hardwearing.

Reindeer calf nappa is one of the rarest and most precious types of leather in existence. There are only enough hides worldwide to produce a maximum of 12,000 coats of this quality per year. What makes it so special is its 0.4 - 0.55mm thickness, its incomparable light weight and soft drape and for all that, how incredibly hardwearing it is.  
Protects perfectly against moisture.
Treated with a “nuva®” finish especially developed for reindeer leather. Invisible, but effective, water and dirt simply pearl off without affecting the natural feel and the breathability.
The natural shade of leather is easy to combine.
Similar to a chameleon, the jacket will work well with outfits in black and grey as well as with earthy browns or shades of olive – and with jeans, of course. The colour is also bright enough to wear with spring outfits teamed with beige chinos. With 4 outside zipped pockets and 3 inside pockets – one with a zip. Iridescent lining made of 60% viscose, 40% acetate. Length in size 40: 64cm (25"). Specialist leather cleaning only. Made in Finland. Exclusive to Fashion Classics.


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