Products with a future

Products with a future

High-class cookware – 100% recycled material. With innovative quartz non-stick coating. For all types of hobs including induction.

e. g. Pan (Without Lid)

Sustainable cotton covering, to replace plastic film or aluminium foil. Naturally. Saves resources. Always re-usable.

e. g. XL format

Stasher Bags, the reusable silicone food bags. Suitable for storing, transporting, freezing, cooking and even sous-vide cooking.

e. g. 450ml (15.2 fl. oz.)

The first dishwasher rack specifically for sustainable drinking straws.


Reusable. Biodegradable. And no harmful particles can pass into your food.

e. g. Beeswax Wraps, Set of 3

With these plant bags, your balcony, kitchen window, or patio becomes a lush summer garden.

e. g. Wild Strawberries
Price per 100g £1.98

Lighter than real stones. More durable than wood.

e. g. Sleepers

A safe nesting place for useful pollinators. Made of weatherproof Granicium® ceramic.


Nesting aid for endangered beneficial insects. Handmade in Germany.


Brilliant plant pencils with herb and flower seeds.

Price per 100g £39.80

Highly efficient solar light. Small art object. And a meaningful social project.


Unbreakable, flexible, reusable.


Keeps your bread fresh for longer. And reduces the risk of mould.


Made by hand for lasting beauty. Protects delicate non-stick coatings.


Straws made of borosilicate glass instead of plastic: Robust, easy-care, recyclable.


The tried and tested Liu Jo lifted bum effect – for the first time of organic sustainable denim.


Once created for colourful beach sandals. Now a stylish doormat.

e. g. 39 x 64cm

Natural freshness in your fridge.


Removes make-up using only water, without chemicals.


Probably the first bikini with a positive contribution to the environment.

e. g. Size: 30B; Colour: Blue
£64.95(-27 %)

Banish moths – without using chemicals.


Brilliant innovation: The “Eye Shaker” – clean your spectacles in the blink of an eye.


No polishing. No chemicals.


Soft and light, despite trendy coarse look. Platform boots by Werner. Made of vegetable tanned leather.


Ultralight, waterproof and resource-saving.

e. g. Ultralight Vase

Enormous capacity. Robust material. Good design.


Award-winning design meets outstanding insulating performance.

e. g. Insulated Bottle, 0.5 l; Colour: Midnight Blue

Beats countless conventional microfibre cloths: Happy Wipey cleans more gently, more effectively.

e. g. Sarawak (by Wanchelerm Mueanpang)

The sustainable alternative to disposable foil and single-use packaging.


Practical. Stylish. Eco-friendly. 100% waterproof and virtually indestructible.

e. g. 53cm diam., 1 piece

Grainy cool linen outside, finest Egyptian Giza cotton inside.


The water bottle of Hollywood stars and supermodels.


Sustainable and practical.


100% airtight, waterproof and locks in aromas. Ideal for safe storage and to transport food.

e. g. Storage Containers, Set of 5

Bacteria and germs can be eliminated in a natural way.


Probably the first digital kitchen scales without battery.


Easy to use and environmentally friendly. No chemicals.


Highly effective beer trap for slugs and wasps.

e. g. 1 Piece

Plenty of warmth. Little weight. And a good conscience. Fashionable and rare jacket made from recycled down.


Plenty of warmth. Little weight. And a good conscience. Fashionable and rare jacket made from recycled down.


Saves money. Environmentally friendly. Always ready to use.


Looks after your dishes, your machine, the environment – and saves you money.


Bang on-trend design. Super soft leather. Light, insulating TPR sole. By Werner.


Pure organic cotton. Weatherproof like functional fabric. Warming. Water and wind-resistant. Breathable.


Without poison. Without chemicals. Without intrusive odours.


Lighter than virgin wool. Almost as soft as cashmere. And far more resilient than both.


The best of both worlds: High-performance sports socks – but made from organic Merino wool.


A masterpiece made from head wood. Crafted in Germany.

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