Unique serving platter made from petrified wood, 20 million years old.

Exceptional table decoration, perfect for serving snacks, crisps, fruit, ...

Its heavy weight, striking encrustations and cool brilliance make this bowl look as if it’s made of ancient polished stone. In fact, it’s much more rare and as unique as a relic of the lost world.
Originally from tropical forests of the Miocene.
A sensational discovery was made in Indonesia: 20 million year old petrified trees called Dipterocarpus. This deciduous tropical tree could be found widespread in the Miocene – and still grows in South East Asia.
Natural growth gives unique shape and design. Resembling stone in terms of colour and strength.
Due to heavy flooding and hard minerals in its environment, the fossil wood shows its growth rings in typical stone colours of beige, grey, brown and black. The distinctive rim is formed by rough, cracked bark. The inside of the platter is polished, revealing the beautiful texture and making the surface easy and hygienic to clean.
Size 40-45 x 25-30 x 3cm (15.7"-17.7" x 9.8"-11.8" x 1.2"). Rim thickness: approx. 2cm (0.8"). Weight approx. 3kg (6.6 lbs).

A product of a prehistoric disaster.

A volcanic eruption once buried the dipterocarp forests under a meter thick layer of ash. Circulating groundwater flooded the woods that were starved of oxygen. Minerals that were dissolved in the water soaked up by the ash were stored in the cells of the wood. Over the course of millions of years the wood was replaced by mineral rock - yet the wood grain remained preserved.

Sensational 20 million year old wood from the tropical Dipterocarpus.


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