Mozart Music Orb

Music box, decorative ornament and smooth to the touch: The solid oak Mozart Music Orb.

Carefully handmade in the Black Forest. Includes exquisite Japanese music box.

At the heart of the Mozart Music Orb lies an enchanting music box, permanently enclosed in a perfectly round orb made of solid oak.
A joy to hold as well as hear.
Turn the solid, nickel-plated brass key and the 18-tone music box plays Cherubino’s famous Aria, Voi che sapete (‘…che cosa è amor’, ‘You who know what love is…’) from Mozart’s The Marriage of Figaro. The beautifully polished solid oak orb is not only smooth to the touch and beautiful to hold, but also the ideal sound box that adds intense emotion and resonance to the delicate melody. And the immaculate finish will let it glide across the table should you playfully roll the ball.
Made in Germany.
Melody plays approx. 4 minutes. Measures 9.2cm (3 2/3”) in diameter. Key 6.5 x 6cm (2 ½” x 3 2/3”). Weight 280g (9.8 oz). Includes ring shaped stand.


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