Flexible Silicone Toilet Brush

From the Pro-Idee Special Shop Concept Store
  • No dirt adheres to the smooth material. Water runs off easily.

More flexible and hygienic than conventional toilet brushes.

The silicone toilet brush from the British designer Joseph Joseph.

The U-shaped silicone brush head is unique in that it’s flat and flexible. In contrast to conventional toilet brushes, this one adapts to the shape of the toilet and can also get to hard-to-reach places such as the U-bend. With the bristles on top of the head, it is easy to clean under the toilet rim.
No dirt adheres to the smooth material. Water runs off easily.
Dirt cannot settle between the short, widely spaced bristles. The silicone brush is easy to clean by rinsing it with water. It leaves no splashes, no unhygienic puddle of water in the holder and no scratches on the ceramic. And unlike nylon brushes, it is wear-free and can be used for years. The slim holder blends stylishly into every bathroom or every guest toilet. 2 types of holders to choose from: stainless steel or plastic. Size 12.3 x 8.7 x 43.1cm (4.8" x 3.4" x 17.0") (W x D x H). Weight approx. from 760g (1.7 lbs) and 530g (1.2 lbs).
Stainless Steel


By Judith P. on 12.10.2018

Toilet brush

I am very pleased & impressed with it

By P R. on 19.06.2018

flexible toilet brush

This brush appears to be much more hygienic than the bristle types and I am very pleased with it. It would have had 5 stars only the handle came away from the metal on first using it. This was easily fixed. This is a good buy.

By Jennifer G. on 20.03.2018

Brush Toilet

Like the design very compact. Not sure yet about the upper brush rim bristles. working on it

By Edward S. on 13.03.2018

Ingenious bathroom brush

Workers well and very easy to clean