Premium Aluminium Doormat

Premium Aluminium Doormat - Unrelenting even against heavy dirt. A purchase for decades.
To clean, just lift the brush rack and vacuum or sweep away the accumulated dirt.

Premium Aluminium Doormat

The nicer looking doormats are also the better ones: Professional quality in indestructible aluminium and nylon.

Unrelenting even against heavy dirt. A purchase for decades.
Nothing like conventional doormats: These elegant entryway mats, made from aluminium with strong nylon bristles, stand up to the most severe conditions. They have been keeping dirt outside from countless shoes for almost 20 years wherever a stylish reception is valued: The entryways of high-class hotels, banks and office buildings, exquisite shops, etc.
Just walk over them to clean your shoes.
Unlike soft rubber bristles (or even rips and velours), the extremely strong 8mm high and 7mm in diam. nylon bristles reach deep into the tread of the shoes – with every step. Even coarse dirt and packed-in soil are removed easily.
Permanently attractive. Weatherproof. And very easy to clean.
Dirt falls cleanly through the gaps between the aluminium bars instead of being caught in the mat as is often the case. To clean, simply lift the brush rack, vacuum up the dirt, and wipe the rustproof aluminium frame (5.5cm/2.2" wide) down with a moist cloth. For a thorough wet cleaning, you can also use a garden hose or pressure cleaner to safely wash down the mat and frame.
It rests on non-slip, non-abrasive rubber feet.
King Size mat measures 60 x 90cm (23.6" x 35.4"), weighs approx. 9.6kg (21 lbs). Standard mat 50 x 70cm (19.6" x 27.5"), approx. 6kg (13.2 lbs). Both are 2.2cm (0.8") high.

Premium Aluminium Doormat

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