Italian Aluminium Step Ladder

Safer (and prettier): The step ladder with extra deep steps. Yet collapsible to a thin 4cm (1.6").


The “double” step ladder folds down to a mere 50 x 79 x 4cm (19.7" x 31" x 1.6"), the “triple” step version to 50 x 106 x 4cm (19.7" x 41.7" x 1.6") (W x H x D).


The “triple” step aluminium ladder makes you 75cm (2ft6") taller.

Safer (and prettier): The step ladder with extra deep steps. Yet collapsible to a thin 4cm (1.6").

Italian design. TÜV Rheinland/GS tested safety.

No more shaky balancing acts, as is often the case on the narrow steps of many typical ladders. The grooved, non-slip steps of this aluminium folding ladder are a generous 26cm (10.2") deep. So you’ll climb and stand a lot safer and more relaxed. Even more amazing that this elegant lightweight folds up to a thin 4cm (1.6") (instead of the 10 - 12cm / 4" - 4.7" which is often the case). Stores easily even in narrow gaps and behind doors.
Sturdy, solid construction according to EN 14183. Yet pleasantly light and quick to hand.
Fold out the TÜV Rheinland certified frame (German technical safety inspection agency): Now your 6kg (13 lbs) light step ladder is set up safely and won’t topple over: On 6cm (2.4") wide, fine anodised and permanently warp-resistant aluminium profiles.
The ladders make you 75cm (29.5") taller or 50cm (19.7") respectively.
Comfortable 33cm (13") step width. Bears a capacity of up to 150kg (330 lbs). The triple step ladder folds out to 50 x 98 x 82cm (19.7" x 38.6" x 32.3") (W x H x D) and weighs 6kg (13 lbs). The double step ladder folds out to 50 x 73 x 62cm (19.7" x 28.7" x 24.4") and weighs 4kg (8.8 lbs). Available in plain aluminium. Free of charge: The Pro-Idee 36 month long-term guarantee.

Italian Aluminium Step Ladder

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By Margaret C. on 08.08.2017


wanted to reach new wardrobe top boxes and this is ideal as store behind main door. Not as light as I thought but manageable as not having to move it far. Would have like a support bar as quite high up when on top rung.