Breton shirt

From the Pro-Idee Special Shop Fashion Classics

The original Breton shirt. Fisherman tradition since the 19th century.

From Saint James/France.

In Brittany, where fierce winds blow, seafarers have worn it since time immemorial. But it’s not just the seafarers anymore: Genuine Breton shirts are now part of the French cultural heritage. Although originals are hard to come by outside of France.
Made of comfortable, easy-to-care for microfibre.
Traditionally made from durable cotton, it now consists of a fine microfibre material that has gained great popularity some time ago. Just wash, dry, wear. And no annoying ironing. This makes the casual Breton look completely uncomplicated and suitable for travelling. There is no comparison with optically similar shirts that have nothing to do with Brittany apart from their stripes. Extremely robust and long-lasting – a friendship for life.

Slightly waisted cut with ¾-long sleeves. A slightly wider crew neck. Length in size 12: 56cm (22″). 91% polyamide, 9% elastane. Machine washable.Made in France.


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