Kinsale Cape

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  • Soft, warm and only weighs about 1,480g (3.2 lbs).
  • Goes over anything.

The traditional Kinsale cloak from Ireland: The comfortable and exceptional protection against the cold.

Made from the finest cashmere blend.

In mid-19th century Ireland, mothers traditionally made their daughters a cape for their wedding. This was often the only item of outdoor clothing the women had. And they also sometimes afforded protection against cold nights in cottages with no more than a layer of straw for a roof. In Ireland today these capes are still a very popular gift for festive occasions. The Kinsale cloak was made world famous over 25 years ago in a Hollywood film. Since then more and more stars have come to appreciate its dramatic, mystical effect on the red carpet.
Soft, warm and only weighs about 1,480g (3.2 lbs).
Formerly made from rough wool alone, today prized cashmere lends this cape a downy-soft feel, silky sheen and beautiful, flowing drape. Pure virgin wool and fine lambswool provide cosy, light warmth and make it durable. The warm, generous hood is lined with red velvet and offers reliable protection against wind and cold.
Goes over anything.
Quick and easy to throw on and fasten with 2 inside buttons and a velvet-covered outside button. Wear with a knitted dress, a trouser or dress suit, or a little black dress: This cape goes with anything and everything. And you’ll always make a grand entrance. The softly flowing fabric gently envelops your body, swinging elegantly with every step as the characteristic bright red satin lining boldly flashes every now and again. By Jimmy Hourihan who also made the cape featured in the Hollywood film.

Universal size: 12-22. Length: 123cm (4ft). Colour: Black. 80% wool, 20% cashmere. Red satin lining: 100% polyester. Dry clean only. Made in Ireland.


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