Ivko Jacquard Knitted Dress, Turban, Arm Warmers or Scarf

From the Pro-Idee Special Shop Fashion Classics
  • Fashion highlight – a far cry from disposable mass-produced products.
  • Good on their own. Perfect when combined.

A rare piece from Serbia: Jacquard knit in extraordinary colour and pattern variety.

On-trend knitted dress. Fashionable turban. Cosy scarf and arm warmers.

Even in Peru or the Far East, it is hard to find an artful jacquard knit that combines so many colours and so many intricate patterns. The Serbian firm IVKO, founded in 1986 as a small family business, does nothing else – and has successfully established itself internationally within this niche market.
Fashion highlight – a far cry from disposable mass-produced products.
Knitted dresses are extremely fashionable this winter. And currently, the turban is making a splash on all the catwalks. However, the usual high street chains do not offer such beautifully designed knitwear in such a harmonious – even perfectly matched – variety of colours. They are knitted from soft wool to be warm, thick and shape-retaining. Small amounts of lurex yarn add some sparkle.
Good on their own. Perfect when combined.
The turban turns the dress into a spectacular complete outfit. The scarf and arm warmers add elegance to your basic jumpers, simple long sleeve tops and sweatshirts. And all accessories together turn boring, plain coats and jackets into stylish outdoor wear.

Colour: Dark blue with fuchsia, orange, red, curry, petrol and gold. Length dress in size 12: 93cm (36.6"). 96% wool, 3% viscose, 1% polyamide. Size scarf: 28 x 152cm (11" x 59.9"). 75% wool, 20% viscose, 3% polyamide, 2% polyester. Length arm warmers: 37cm (14.5″). 90% wool, 8% viscose, 1% polyamide, 1% polyester. Turban 75% wool, 20% viscose, 4% polyamide, 1% polyester. All handwash. Made in Serbia.


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