Portable Thermal Cushion

From the Pro-Idee Special Shop Concept-Store

Now you can take your hot-water bottle with you.

The cuddly soft thermal cushion with flexible hands-free strap system.

Not only can you curl up on the couch with this ingenious thermal cushion, you can also attach it to the back of a chair or strap it on like a rucksack or belt bag. This way, you are fully mobile and have both hands free, enjoy soothing warmth and muscle relaxation while at work, cooking, eating, doing manual labour, ... even during a stroll, physical workout or yoga exercises.
TÜV-tested safety. By Fashy.
The inner 2.0l hot-water bottle with its 2.9cm (0.7″) wide filling opening is barely noticeable due to the soft upholstered cushion. Velvety, skin-friendly fleece cover adorned with nubs, removable via a zip.

Measures approx. 36 x 25cm (14.2″ x 9.8″). Weighs approx. 490g (17.2 oz). Length of both removable elastic strap approx. 47cm (18.5″). Colour: Beige. Fleece cover 100% polyester. Machine washable.


By Bernard D. on 19.11.2018

Clever concept.

A very clever idea. Passing on to my daughter who suffers from aches and pains. Hope it does the job for her!