Twelve hand creams with the most precious essences from Provence, created in the perfume capital Grasse.

Awarded the Victoire de la beauté 2018-2019 in the Personal Care category.

Embellished with the flowers of Provence, this sky blue and gold painted gift box looks like a real treasure chest. In fact, it does hold real treasures: 12 different, exquisite hand creams – one 30ml tube for each month of the year.
Created by the finest noses in the world.
Perfumers from the famous city of Grasse, in southern France, created the exquisite fragrances especially for these 12 lotions. They reflect the natural biodiversity of Provence.
The geranium and jasmine versions include the so-called “Absolues”.
These flower oils are the crown jewels of perfume making – valuable, highly concentrated aromas which are obtained by elaborate cold extraction to capture the scent molecules from freshly picked flowers.
The “Intemporels” creams nourish with natural essences of regional plants and products.
Highly concentrated, every plant lends its best properties: White grape has a relaxing effect, almond awakens tired skin, honey soothes sensitive skin, and olive makes irritated, dry skin supple.
The “Essentiels” creams focus on the Provençal aromas of essential oils.
Enjoy the soothing relaxation of lavender, the refreshing care of citrus oils and the stimulation of verbena. Essential oils from sea fennel make the skin more toned, Provence rose gives it freshness, while red thyme has an invigorating effect.
A beautiful gift that makes the recipient think of you all year round.
12 soft tubes of 30ml in an elegant box. Just a dab of cream is enough to soothe and pamper the skin.

The “Victoire de la beauté” is one of the most sought after honours in the cosmetics industry.
Over a period of several weeks, various brand products were blind-tested under the supervision of a sensory analysis laboratory.


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