Whitening Toothpaste Diamond Glow

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  • Much gentler than most other whitening toothpastes.
  • Optimal dental care and caries protection.
  • A Swiss quality product by ”swiss smile“.

Luxury for your teeth: The diamond toothpaste with whitening effect. By swiss smile, Switzerland.

Cleans and polishes especially gently. Removes plaque, produces a dazzling smile and visibly whiter teeth.

Diamond Glow cleans and polishes your teeth with 1 carat of fine diamond particles. This dental care product gently and naturally solves even persistent plaque and stains (tea, red wine, nicotine) and even tartar. As a result, your teeth are perceptively whiter and you’ll get a dazzling smile and an unprecedented feeling of dental smoothness.
Much gentler than most other whitening toothpastes.
Despite the legendary hardness of diamonds, Diamond Glow has almost no abrasive effect on a tooth’s enamel (RDA 20 instead of often up to 200*). For example: If you used the diamond toothpaste twice a day for 70 years (!), just 0.1mm of tooth surface would be abraded.
Optimal dental care and caries protection.
Natural, anti-inflammatory curcumin inhibits plaque build up. Sodium fluoride and enzymes create an ideal acid environment and prevent the formation of caries. The tooth-like mineral hydroxyapatite hardens the dental enamel and provides a pearly gloss. Aloe vera soothes and strengthens irritated gums. Does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), bleach or fruit acids.
A Swiss quality product by ”swiss smile“.
75ml tube for approx. 120 applications (2 x daily recommended).

* The RDA (relative dentin abrasivity) is a method of measuring the abrasive effect that the components of the toothpaste have on the tooth, particularly on enamel and dentin. An RDA value up to 20 is classified as particularly gentle or "low abrasion." The legal limit is 250 RDA.


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