Cashmere Beret, Gloves or Scarf

From the Pro-Idee Special Shop Fashion Classics

Both practical and trendy. Made of pure cashmere.

Beret, scarf and gloves by Johnstons, Scotland.

These incredibly soft cashmere accessories truly enrich your wardrobe. They suit perfectly all winter colours. They go with woollen overcoats, thick tweed blazers as well as casual down jackets. Even in icy cold weather, they will keep you comfortably warm while looking very trendy.
Rare 2-ply cashmere. By Johnstons, Scotland.
This knitted set has a fine, feminine touch thanks to the precious Chinese cashmere. Only the fluffy, soft undercoat of the cashmere goat with a staple length of at least 38 - 40mm (0.15" - 0.16") and 15 - 16 microns fine, is spun in two ply. Elaborately knitted in shape, it is robust and resistant to pilling, as one would expect from cashmere. The two-coloured patented knitting pattern makes the cuddly scarf particularly strong. Thanks to the generous width, the beret fits any hairstyle, whether you wear it at a jaunty angle sideways or pulled low over your face. The wide knitted band is soft and does not slip. With decora­tive button, covered with the same material. The gloves, elaborately knitted in shape, look much more feminine than normal knitted gloves thanks to the slit and the elegant buttons. They fit neatly all the way to the fingertips – entirely without knobbly seams.

Beret and gloves in standard size. The scarf measures generous 180 x 28cm (71" x 11"). Colour: Rosé. 100% cash­mere. Hand wash. Made in Scotland.


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