Fedora Pocket Hat

From the Pro-Idee Special Shop Fashion Classics
  • Water and dirt-resistant, light and dimensionally stable.

Classic shape. Ennobled by trendy nonchalance.

The collapsible, suitcase-friendly Fedora made of soft, warm virgin wool.

At one time an attribute of the women’s movement, then a fashionable accessory for men. Now ladies are discovering the stylish Fedora for themselves again. Made of grey virgin wool, it is not only the perfect complement to the casual street style. After wearing it disappears, rolled up even in hand luggage.
Water and dirt-resistant, light and dimensionally stable.
Through gentle washing of the raw wool in lye, natural residues are dissolved out but the nourishing lanolin remains. The wool loses its scratchy feel and is wonderfully soft. Water simply rolls off, dirt can’t penetrate. And the best part: The tumbled sheep’s wool is professionally plated and pressed in such a way that the hat returns to its original shape after each time it’s crumpled. And all that for a very nice price.

100% virgin wool, band lining made of stretch fabric. Colour: Grey. Crown of the hat approx. 11cm (4.3″) high, brim 7cm (2.7″) wide. For head circumference of 55-58cm (6 3/4-7 1/8). Weighs approx. 117g (4.1 oz).


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