Cotton-All-weather Hat

From the Pro-Idee Special Shop Fashion Classics
  • Made of EtaProof®, developed in Switzerland.
  • Individually adjustable via drawstring.

Pure organic cotton. Weatherproof like functional fabric.

Warming. Water and wind-resistant. Breathable.

A pleasantly soft, natural feel. A fine, matte surface. No crackling and no rustling. Hard to believe that this hat allows wetness to roll off and wind doesn’t penetrate the fabric.
Made of EtaProof®, developed in Switzerland.
The natural functional fabric is made from the finest, long stable cotton fibres – each 3 times finer than a human hair and at least 36.5mm long – in the highest possible density. If it gets wet, the fibres swell and the pores close to 2-3 micrometres. Small enough to keep rain out – big enough to let body heat escape.
Individually adjustable via drawstring.
Lining and fold-out ear/neck protection made of warming fleece.

6cm (2.4″) wide brim. Colour: Anthracite. Upper material: 100% cotton. Lining: 100% polyester. Hand wash. Exclusive to Fashion Classics.


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