World first: The first bicycle helmet with 360° light system, automatic day/night mode, direction indicator, warning light and SOS function.

Smart, stylish, safe. With hands-free kit and Bluetooth remote.

The urban design with semi-gloss finish and handmade leather visor is perfect for the journey to the office or to a business meeting. And, apart from simply protecting you in accordance with international safety standards (EN1078, CPSC), this helmet has many smart features that make cycling even safer and more convenient.
360° light system with automatic day/night mode, direction indicator, brake light, warning light, GPS location, SOS message, ...
The LED strip at ear height and the 2 sidelights positioned on the front of the helmet make you visible from all sides – perfect in city traffic. The ingenious automatic day/night mode switches on the light at twilight. The LED lights that indicate you are about to make a turn are much more visible than an outstretched arm alone. And in the event of a crash, the integrated concussion sensor switches to a red warning light and after 90 sec., it sends an SOS message with GPS location to the emergency number that you programmed.
Calls, music, navigation, walkie-­talkie, anti-loss alarm …
You can connect the helmet to your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.1*. Incoming calls can be answered and ended at the push of a button on the helmet. While your hands remain safely on the handlebars, you can make phone calls via the integrated microphone with wind shield. You can listen to music or navigation directions without completely drowning out the noises around you through the 2 x 0.5W stereo speakers. If desired, up to 20 helmets can be connected to each other – perfect to communicate with a group. Especially handy: As soon as your mobile phone is out of reach of the helmet, the smartphone makes a loud sound, warning you of possible loss.
Can also be operated with remote on the handlebar.
Helmet with 600mAh battery. Charging time approx. 2 hours, operating time light approx. 10 hours, music approx. 3 hours, standby approx. 180 days. Included: Micro USB charging cable as well as a remote incl. handlebar mount. Outer casing made of robust ABS plastic, inner casing EPS foam. Air vents allow air to circulate and humidity to escape. Available in 2 sizes: Size M (54 - 58cm (21.3″ - 22.8″) head circumference). Size L (57 - 61cm (22.4″ - 24.0″) head circumference). Infinitely variable width-adjustment turning knob. Adjustable chin strap. Weight approx. 470g (16.5 oz). Colour: Anthracite.

*Corresponding app for Android/iOS free of charge.
Urban design with semi-gloss finish and handmade leather viso.




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