Gift Ideas

Gifts for animal lovers 


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Once just for children, now for adults in teak and leather - Denmark’s legendary elephant mobile.


Just pull it on: With an enchanting butterfly or dragon motif – warm and cuddly.


Elaborately crafted double-layered knit, with a subtle humorous touch.


Far from the usual Christmas kitsch: The enchanting biscuit tray with elk silhouette.

e. g. Elk Biscuit Tray

Pure nature in an award-winning design. Hand-crafted from solid stone - no two are alike.

Starting at £64.95

A dry coat and clean paws in a jiffy. And no unpleasant smells.


Gentle grooming for your pet – in a natural way.


A charming garden sculpture in weatherproof aluminium. Life-size with a wonderful patina.


A highly popular gathering point. Specifically designed for colourful butterflies.


Design item, seat, adorable housemates: Life-sized sheep sculptures.

e. g. 60cm

A beautiful flower made of iridescent glass. Mouth-blown & hand-shaped.


This 360° washing system makes this task much easier and more convenient for you and your dog.


Stylish modern architecture. Swedish design.


Your feathered friends - as enchanting napkin rings made of wood, handmade.


Exceptional garden decoration. And a perfect refuge for finches, tits & other birds.


Urban, modern, made of brushed stainless steel.

e. g. Oblong

Hangs securely from a tree. A perfect fit on the balcony railing.


Indoor and outdoor. Comfortably padded. Water and stain resistant.


No animal hair can escape from the closely packed rubber nubs.

e. g. 1 piece

Naturalistic animal motifs made of finely lasered specialty steel. Now an eye-catcher in your garden.

e. g. Woodpecker

Feed. Protect. Observe.


With an antique looking finish. In the English garden tradition.


Ingenious plastic design: Just pop it in place and fill it up.


Now the robins and other birds can nestle in an award-winning design.


Perfect comfort for our four-legged friends.

e. g. Cat Bed

Move-in ready within no time: The perfect base for the future bird nest.


Targeted reading light – from a cuddly soft toy.


Grips, turns and removes in one step.

e. g. For humans

Quality by Luger. Five to 15x magnification, even as close up as 12".


The feeding place is right inside the bell, which protects the seeds from the rain and snow.


100% germ-free, parasite and odour-free. With all-side protection for rear seat and boot.

e. g. Rear seat 4 doors, Size S