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Lifestyle products

Fashion update for your smartphone: The Qi wireless charger in iconic Iphoria design.

e. g. Heart
Catalogue price £26.95
Now £19.95

Attractively comfortable. Sleek, elegant stainless steel design, suitable for any wardrobe.


Instant access to your most used cards. Fits comfortably in the pocket of your trousers or jacket.

e. g. Smart Wallet

Probably your most elegant and versatile fitness device.


Better than a full jewellery box: The reversible bicoloured creole earrings.

Starting at £369

It-bag for your lunch – in the office and on the road. By Alessi.


The wallet for life: Made of rare buffalo leather, exquisitely processed. By Hartmann.


1 pair of earrings – 2 looks.


On-trend belt bag as a chic signature piece. It brand Pinko gives the trend bag a glam-rock red carpet look.


The perfect rucksack for business, sports and travel.


The legendary classic in pocket size, with luminous LED headlights.

e. g. Light Beetle 1964

Real leather braces. Handmade in England.


Sleek. Elegant. And still roomy. Made of rare bison leather.


Award-winning design meets outstanding insulating performance.

e. g. Insulated Bottle, 0.5 l

Chiarugi Doctor’s Bag from 1969. Made in Italy. Exclusive to Pro-Idee.


Currently, probably the most fashionable smartphone gadgets are from Berlin. By Iphoria.


Communicate like Captain Kirk. Accurate and fully functional 1:1 imitation. Officially licensed by CBS.


The high-fashion bag from newcomer’s label Kooreloo: Made of leather and cotton, handwoven.


Shimmering elegance, almost unbreakable and especially handy due to the rubber content. From Visconti.


This espresso machine can do it all. Without electricity.


Stylish look, affordable price, classy packaging: The ideal gift for all fashionistas.

e. g. Teddy Bear Socks, Set of 2 Pairs

Rarely is a small accessory so versatile, trendy, funny and practical at the same time.


Stylish through security checkpoints at the airport. Cool on the beach, in the city, at parties…


Fashion update for your smartphone: The accessories from Berlin trend label Iphoria.


Much too lovely to hide. Shiny and elegant like a pretty accessory. With easy to use fastener.


A luxurious alternative to drinking straws: Stylishly finished with platinum or gold.


Saddlebag made of fine cowhide leather. Ideal for city, travel, or office. By Chiarugi/Firenze, exclusive to Pro-Idee.


Energy-saving Auto Relay feature eliminates the need for watch winders, manual winding and re-setting.


For exciting car race on the wall and ceiling.


The better yoga mat for you – and for our environment.


Probably the most beautiful fusion of engineering and goldsmithing.

e. g. Ring

Crispy-brown grilled sausages. In 5 minutes. At the touch of a button.


The typical signature of Pininfarina. Exclusively for Pro-Idee customers.


Highly trendy, easy to wear and to combine. Yet still hard to find.

e. g. Necklace Tahitian Cultured Pearl

All your valuables well-protected on the body and ready to hand in an instant.


All the innovative technologies of luxury manufacturer Visconti: Combined for the first time in a fountain pen.


Slim and elegant exterior. Spacious interior, with patented safety system.


Smart, stylish, safe. With hands-free kit and Bluetooth remote.


All make-up utensils at hand. And no more entangled jewellery.


A bottle opener that works perfectly!


The preferred tool of professional sommeliers – turned into a piece of art by Alessi.


Designer bag hook.


Indestructible bison leather. Huge capacity.

e. g. Bag

Will fit any model and can be hung anywhere.


Despite heavy showers: Keep dry getting out of the car, bus and train – without holding others back.


Sensor-controlled handbag light and 2,000mAh power bank.


The flight case of American pilots in the 30s. A legend today.


The water bottle of Hollywood stars and supermodels.

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