Safety Ladder

From the Pro-Idee Special Shop Concept-Store

Your escape route in an emergency.

Officially tested and certified by TÜV Nord, Germany.*

This Safety Ladder can help you and your family reach safety quickly. The ladder is ready in just 2 moves – first secure the robust steel mounting to a window ledge or balcony, then let the ladder drop down. The solid aluminium rungs provide safe support for hands and feet. The fireproof galvanised steel cable can hold up to 300kg (663 lbs).
The handiest safety ladder we know of.
This patented ladder folds up as small as a briefcase. It is always ready for use in your cupboard or under the bed. Experts have confirmed the safety of these ”made in Germany” ladders which are tested and certified according to standard BG/638 and have been awarded the official TÜV-Nord/GS mark* (test length 4.95m/16ft).
With a length of 5m (16.4ft) (for first floor use) or 8m (26ft) (second floor), or 12m (39ft) this ladder offers you safety in the event of an emergency.
The International Red Cross uses these safety ladders and it is also part of the equipment used by fire departments on the European continent and overseas. Recommended by Scandinavian insurance companies.

*44 329 14079801
The folded Safety Ladder measures just 33 x 10 x 20cm (13" x 4" x 8").




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