Portable Mosquito Net

  • Foolproof and quick to assemble: No screws, hooks or cords.
  • For single and double beds.

Ready in a snap no matter where: The Portable Mosquito Net.

Foolproof assembly for ideal protection against stinging pests.

Perfect for camping, in hotel rooms, at home, in moderate or tropical climates: This robust 100% polyester fine mesh mosquito net protects you all-round from annoying or really dangerous insects, no matter where you are. You’ll enjoy a good night’s sleep without any disturbances.
Foolproof and quick to assemble: No screws, hooks or cords.
Simply connect the fibreglass rods, pull through the loops of the mosquito net, span the net and fasten to the support fixtures. Now you can place your mattress on top of the base net ( 200cm x 180cm / 6ft5“ x 6ft and 200cm x 150cm / 6ft x 5ft). Two-way zipper makes getting in and out easier. Quickly stored in the included 100% polyester carry case to protect it from dust.
Each net is 200cm (6ft5“)long and 148cm (4ft8“) or 155cm (5ft) respectively in height. Available in widths of 180cm (6“) und 150cm (4ft9”). Weight approx. 1,530g (3.4 lbs) and 1,470g (3.2 lbs).
Your mosquito net is easy to transport in the incl. 66cm (26") long carry case.


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