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Clean Twister

20 twirling microfibre strips quickly absorb all moisture – even in places where tea towels can’t reach.

e. g. 1 piece

Antibacterial Kitchen Pads or Sponges, Set of 4

The cleaning power of microfibre and the antibacterial effect of pure silver.

e. g. Antibacterial Kitchen Pads, Set of 4

Sensor Soap Dispenser with Automatic Dosing

Intuitive, clean and quick to operate.


Designer Toilet Brush

No comparison to the functional look of conventional toilet brushes.


Silver Plater or Silver Enhancer

Silver Plater - adds silver while you polish.

e. g. Silver Plater, 150ml (5floz)
Price per 100ml £23.30

Hanging Waste Basket

Saves space on cutting boards and counter tops and keeps your kitchen clean.


Cableless Dehumidifier with Shoe Drying Attachment

Protects clothing, shoes, sportswear etc. from moisture and mould. No power socket needed.

e. g. Additional dehumidifier, set of 2

Clean2go Odour Eater, 750 ml

The first microbiological odour eater with an instant effect.

Price per litre £19.93

Waste Paper Bin “Woodrow”

Timelessly elegant, simple design. Much more beautiful than plastic or cold metal.


AEG Window and Surface Cleaner WX7 90B2B

Squeegee quickly and easily and aspirate at the same time.


Sweeping Set Inspire

Noticeably cleans more thoroughly.


Extendable Sweep

Back-friendly sweeping, without bending down – thanks to the telescopic handle.


Italian Aluminium Step Ladder

Safer (and prettier): With extra deep steps. Yet collapsible to a thin 4cm (1.6").

e. g. “Triple” Step

Telescopic Duster or Hand-held Dust Wiper

The perfect duster: Extendable and adjustable to 7 different positions.

e. g. Hand-held Dust Wiper

Windscreen Wonder, Set of 2

Finally, a quick and easy way to clean the inside of your car’s windows.


SilverWash® Wash Machine Cloth

It’s antibacterial, with each wash cycle, at any temperature. Long-lasting freshness.

e. g. 1 piece

Mobile Battery Table Lamp

Now, without need for a mains cable: The 180° table lamp with 3 light temperatures, dimmer and timer.


TIDY Broom & Dustpan

Sweeping without bending – extremely comfortable and ergonomic.


Original California Car Duster

Car care from the USA: Fast, easy and economical.


Pro Microfibre Mop Cover, Set of 2 or Pro Magnetic Mop Frame

50% more effective. Helps clean your floors faster.

e. g. Pro Microfibre Mop Cover, Set of 2

Premium Aluminium Doormat

Unrelenting even against heavy dirt. A purchase for decades.

e. g. Standard

V7 Broom

V7 - the broom with electrostatically charged V-shaped bristles. The only thing it can't do is fly.


Dryer balls Dryangles, Set of 2

Second generation dryer balls – now even more effective.


Claw Broom Set, 3-piece

Easily removes dirt from hard-to-reach areas. 3-piece set. Perfect indoors and out.


Water Blade®

Cleans without streaks in no time. For household, car and boat.

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